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In the world of Bluetooth speakers, price range starts from 25 bucks to a few thousand dollars. And we are pretty sure no one want to pay hefty amount of payment on a Bluetooth speaker if you can get the premium sound under $50.

We understand how does it feels when you forget your portable speaker on a beach party, and all the amount spent on the speakers are gone. Most of people buy Bluetooth speakers for over $500 and it really hurts losing that kind of money while enjoying party on the beach drunk with friends.

But don’t worry we will present you solution of this problem in our this post. If you are the person who does not want to invest hefty amount of money in portable speakers then you are on the right place. In this article we will provide you information on the best Bluetooth speaker available today in the market and it does not cost much. In only fraction of money you can get all the feature that you will expect in expensive Bluetooth speakers so stay tuned with us.

According to our research the best Bluetooth speaker is Tribit XSound Go. Now we understand there will be tons of questions in your mind that needs to be answered by us about this beast. So lets begin telling you why we chose this speaker as the best one to buy.

Tribit XSound Go is an affordable Bluetooth speaker, first of all lets discuss about its price. You can buy this Bluetooth speaker from amazon around 33$ which is quite low price for such kind of premium sound quality speaker. If you lose this speaker on the beach or your girlfriend breaks the speaker when she is angry don’t worry you will lose only 33 bucks we don’t think that’s a much price and we hope you wont get a heart attack by losing this amount of money. But as compared to the premium expensive Bluetooth speaker, suppose for that you bought a Bluetooth speaker for a few thousand dollars then you are definitely going to get hurt and feel worried for a few weeks.

Now lets move to its performance how does it perform. First thing while selecting Bluetooth speaker does matter is how it sounds while listening to your music. According to our observation, it produces the best sound almost equal to the premium Bluetooth speakers. It produces enough loud sound that can easily fill mid sized room at full volume. There are little distortion while listening to heavy music sounds but if you listen to the same music on medium level it will produce clear sound. Bass is great for such kind of Bluetooth speaker, we were shocked by the deep bass it produced from its little size.

Moreover, if you have plan to watch movies on this Bluetooth speaker we must let you know that it will produce great vocal sounds.

Design of Bluetooth speakers also matter as you might want to present them in front of your friends, and Tribit XSound Go wont let you down. Its build quality is great, beautiful and attractive, it is made with strong plastic showing premium quality made. In front of speakers, you will find a black grill which hides the drivers on back of it. There is a logo of it on the grill. Now lets flip the speaker check the what we go on the back of this Bluetooth speaker. There is a micro usb port which lets you charge this Bluetooth speaker, you will also find a 3.55mm jack which is quite useful when you have no time to pair the device with your streaming mobile device or it can be great relief if your streaming device don’t have a Bluetooth chip inside it. On the side of it, there is a ribbon to hold it which can be help full while carrying this Bluetooth speaker with your hands or you want hang it on the wall or anywhere else. This Bluetooth speaker is certified as a rugged Bluetooth speaker which means you wont need to worry about the scratches while using it roughly. And obviously, that is the great feature because you don’t want to baby sit this little piece of box. So you can throw it in your bag without any second thought. Or you don’t want to be worried while using this speaker on rough beach party.

On the top of the speaker you will find a normal buttons that come with every Bluetooth speaker, there is a power button to turn it off when its not being used to conserve the energy and giving you longer battery timing, there are play, next, and other playback buttons too.

Tribit XSound Go is the best rated water proof speaker, it comes with IPX7 water proofing which means you can even throw this speaker in water for 30 minutes. Suppose you are enjoying a beach party and instantly a wave comes to the speaker and make this speaker wet. Don’t worry there will be no harm to your speaker, it can last for 30 minutes in the water without damaging any electronic parts in it.

Another and last thing to consider about Tribit XSound Go is the battery timing, luckily this amazing beast provides you more than 20 hours of run time. Which is more than average of Bluetooth speakers these days. And in this price you are getting the same battery time which most of expensive costing a few thousand dollar speakers posses.

Overall we think Tribit XSound Go is the best Bluetooth speaker which you can buy in 2019. It has all the essential features that you might want to have in a Bluetooth speaker, in this price, you are getting a complete package of the Bluetooth speaker.