Instagram Marketing – Organically Grow the Listening Population of a Radio Station

Instagram Marketing – Organically Grow the Listening Population of a Radio Station

As a radio broadcaster looking to buy followers as an Instagram Marketing strategy, make sure the IG users who will follow you are real people with active accounts. In presenting informatioRadio station n and various subjects for discussion, your radio station might be missing out on what millions of Instagram users look for and find interesting as trending topics. Statistically, the hashtag “Love” ranks high as the most relevant word or phrase tied to around 1.7 billion Instagram posts.

Yet while your marketing plans for your radio station involves reaching out to a broader set of audience through your Instagram account, it would take more than buying IG followers to reach new audiences Besides, your IG followers can have an impact on your account’s popularity only if your account activity shows real interaction and communications with them.

Instagram users should have awareness that the platform utilises more than one set of algorithms. Every set, includes procedures for determining which of the latest posts should appear as top feed in each IG section.

One of the metrics used as a basis in ranking the hierarchy of posts are the track records of your engagement with your fellow IG users, particularly those appearing as followers of your radio station’s Instagram account.

Making Instagram Marketing Your Primary Social Media Marketing Strategy

The latest statistical report shows why Instagram marketing is at present the leading social media marketing platform. Apparently, Instagram has established a strong position as one of the most used social media platforms.
After the site introduced more shopping options in its platform, engagement rate for all types of content skyrocketed to 0.97%.
Instagram Marketing,⁸As a matter of fact, one indication that Instagram has been making waves as the second most popular social media site next to Facebook is that on the average, IG users spend about 53 minutes per day at the site. Facebook users spend about 58 minutes browsing FB platform’s content.

Another interesting insight about Instagram is that its global subscribers represent 25% of all smartphone users worldwide.

Have you established who your target audience is? Does your radio station already have a profile feature and story in Instagram? If so, you need to set them up so you can run an Instagram Marketing campaign seamlessly. You can pull in new listeners and organic followers through Instagram only if IG users have a clear picture and idea of what you share and broadcast in your radio station.