The Best 4K Monitors for Crystal Crisp Display

In order to get the real feel of the quality of the image that you are viewing, you will need a 4K Monitor whether it is on the TV screen or the computer. Some of us might not know what a 4K monitor actually means.

4K monitor is a computer monitor that provides ultra-high definition results of an image on the TV or computer screen with 4000 pixels. All the details are displayed by the pixels that clearly give an enhanced look along with crystal clear details. A lot more is offered by the 4K monitor as compared to the usual HD monitors.

#1 Samsung UJ59 – The Best 4K Monitors for Photo Editing and Video Editing

the best 4k monitors

One of the best 4K monitors that are also in the budget is the Samsung UJ59. It is a decent monitor. The frame is wider than the frame of CF398 so the display is better suited. The design is also very nice. The edges appear fine because of smoothness.
The UJ590 is super slim if you remove the stand to connect this monitor to VESA. The native contrast ratio of this model is also very nice, almost similar to CF398. If you are looking for an upgrade then this is a great monitor with advanced features. The picture is always perfect even at moderate angles, no matter from which angle you are looking at the picture.
The DSE or dirty screen impact is less than normal when you are just surfing the web or playing a sports game, that is amazing. In dark situations, the uniformity of this model is much greater, that is very less DSE. The SDR color gamut of the Samsung UJ59 is really strong. It easily fills the smaller ones. The Adobe RGB coverage is outstanding and it is ideal for advanced video editing and picture editing. All in all, this is a good model to consider.

#2 Benq EL2870U – Another Great 4K Monitor with Budget Pricing

the best 4k monitors

The EL2870U is another good choice to consider if you want to get a 4K monitor. This 28-inch monitor has a flat-screen, regular 16:9 aspect ratio, TN panel, amazing 10-bit color, and a resolution of 3840 x 2160. EL2870U allows you to re-enable and activate the HDR emulation with the button that is on its bezel, enhancing the brightness and contrast of the non-HDR video.
Its cabinet has a dark grey polish, and metal finish that is faux-brushed but the rear panel and bezels are plastic and in black color. The display of this model has a T-shaped frame and L-shaped stand, covered with a metal finish that is faux-brushed with a rectangular large leg.
The setup is very easy, with a bracket that is free of tools and connects the cabinet with a stand. You can tilt the stand to 20 degrees. This monitor looks tall and measures 25.9 x 18.8 x 5.9 inches along with a weight of 12.6 pounds. This 4K monitor has three video feeds at the panel cabinet’s back, one 1.4 display port input, and two 2.0 HDMI outputs. Other features include zero flicker technology and Low Blue Light technology. Overall, the model is very elegant.


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