2022 Radio Trends to Look Out For

2022 Radio Trends to Look Out For

It’s been two years, and the pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the world. Despite this ongoing challenge, audio is expected to be even stronger in 2022. There is no secret in digital radio, podcasting, and audio advertising are growing in popularity. have entered the mainstream and are causing havoc in the media industry.



Here are Some Trends To Have a Successful Run With Your Radio Station

Content Will Remain King 

In 2022, companies will continue to employ content that fulfills customer requirements and narrative to develop strong and real connections. Delivering material in the listener’s native tongue is also an excellent strategy to promote your audio content.


Transforming In-Store Playlists

An growing trend in audio is that in-store playlists will be deliberately employed to impact consumer behavior, attract new customers, and make the shopping experience easier for consumers.


Conscious Consumption

Consumers are still guided by ethics. Sustainability is still present a top concept, and this approach will be expanded to radio and communications.


Adoption of Smart Speakers

People are splitting their time between home and work due to the epidemic. As a result, smart speakers and voice assistants have become popular household equipment.


Try Radio If You Want To Reach Generation Z

According to statistics, young people are listening to the radio more than expected. Based on Edison Research, Gen Z  (aged 13 to 24) prefer streaming, yet 55% also listen to AM/FM radio on a daily basis. This is an important target audience for your radio station.