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Understanding Music Theory

Understand the concepts of music theory! After this course you may understand the musical alphabet, chords, intervals, melodies, scales, modulation, borrowing, modes etc. https://www.energy927fm.com

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Time Signatures Bars and Barlines

Understanding basic time signatures and their relationship to bar, bar lines and counting in music. https://www.energy927fm.com

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Elements Of Music

Learn the elements of Music in this simple video. https://www.energy927fm.com

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History Of Radio Inventions And Discoveries

Radio, as we know it today, has been around for less than a century. Although the idea of using radio-waves to transmit signals dates all the way back to the 19th century, it wasn’t until late 1906 that Guglielmo Marconi had his first successful transmission of Morse Code via radio waves. It was also at …

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Artist Spotlight

Radio has always been one of the most popular free music sources. It’s no coincidence that many musicians got their start on the small screen. In this article, we’ll look at how radio has been helping artists for years, and discuss ways to make the most out of this format. Artists Expanding their Reach Radio …

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The Evolution of the Television

This Video shows how Tv’s have evolved over the past years. The difference of how our view of the television has transformed over the years. https://www.energy927fm.com

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Music TikTok’s Impact on the Music Industry: How Musicians Can Leverage It

TikTok’s Impact on the Music Industry: How Musicians Can Leverage It

TikTok is often associated with dance challenges and viral memes, it has also had a significant impact on the music industry. In this article, we will explore how TikTok has changed the way people discover and consume music, and how musicians can leverage the platform to reach new audiences.

TikTok’s Impact on Music Discovery

TikTok has become a hub for discovering new music, especially for younger audiences. If you are a musician use Followerfast to gain wider reach. Users can easily search for specific songs or discover new ones through hashtags and challenges. As a result, many songs have gone viral on TikTok, with users creating their own dance routines and lip-syncing to their favorite tracks.

TikTok has become known for its ability to make songs go viral. When a song starts trending on TikTok, it can quickly become a hit on other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. In fact, many record labels now actively promote their artists on TikTok in the hopes of creating the next viral sensation.

TikTok’s Impact on Music Sales and Streaming

The viral power of TikTok has had a significant impact on music sales and streaming. According to a report by Billboard, songs that go viral on TikTok often see a boost in streams and downloads on other platforms. For example, the song “Say So” by Doja Cat saw a 50% increase in streams on Spotify after it went viral on TikTok.

How Musicians Can Leverage TikTok’s Influence

Musicians can leverage TikTok’s influence by using the platform to promote their music and engage with fans. Here are a few ways they can do so:

  1. Create a TikTok account and post regular content: Musicians can use TikTok to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process, promote their latest releases, and engage with fans in a more personal way.
  2. Participate in TikTok challenges: By participating in popular TikTok challenges, musicians can increase their visibility on the platform and reach new audiences.
  3. Collaborate with TikTok influencers: TikTok influencers have huge followings and can help musicians reach new audiences. By collaborating with influencers, musicians can tap into their existing fanbase and increase their visibility on the platform.

TikTok is changing the way people discover and consume music. Musicians can leverage TikTok’s influence by using the platform to promote their music and engage with fans. By creating a TikTok account, participating in challenges, and collaborating with influencers, musicians can tap into the viral power of TikTok and reach new audiences around the world.

Music The Value of Radio and Its Importance

The Value of Radio and Its Importance

While radio is often disregarded, it remains a vital means of mass communication. It has survived the test of time for many centuries.

Advantages of Radio in Modern Society

The radio might be useful since it is a kind of communication that helps us stay informed. It’s a source of fun and learning during downtime. School activities, concerts, plays, parades, as well as other public gatherings may all be advertised on the local radio station.

Radio Has A Profound Past

Radio has been around for a very long time and continues to be a major force in American culture. The only kind of popular entertainment that can be traced back to the turn of the twentieth century.

The Radio Can Send An Warning In Case Of Emergency

If you listen to the radio, you may find out about any impending calamities or natural disasters. Radio’s speed of dissemination means that people may get potentially lifesaving updates before they are reported on by more conventional news channels.

A Last Thought on Radio’s Crucial Role

Radio is a widespread medium that may benefit companies of all sizes. It has the potential to reach a sizable fraction of its target populations globally. Radio has the dual benefit of entertaining listeners and generating revenue for DJs and commercial sponsors.

Music Importance Of Music For Video Game Players

Importance Of Music For Video Game Players

Music exists everywhere in all cultures and in all forms. It allows you to establish a connection with others, which in other circumstances, would not have existed. It’s enough to think about concerts, the soundtrack of the days and events in your life.

Background music has a massive impact on human beings including your daily activities. Listening to your favorite songs when you have a less pleasant activity, you will feel that time seems to pass faster or that the activity becomes more pleasant. Call of Dragons players can enjoy their games more with appropriate background music. They can enjoy the best heroes in their games while listening to music.

best heroes

The influence of music

It was discovered that dopamine or the “hormone of happiness” is also released in response to the music you listen to.

Listening to a song or a piece of music had certain physical sensations in response to what you were listening to. These are some responses of your body, physiological or psychophysiological, which you can associate with intense pleasure.

The music creates a real neural symphony. It activates and shapes your entire brain. Thus, music is able to change the anatomy and functionality of the human body.

Music has obvious psychological effects, but also physical ones. In particular, music that is motivational, with a strong and constant rhythm, makes running or exercise more satisfying and inspires you to do longer exercises.

The benefits of music for Call of Dragons players

Music is a natural antidepressant

Singing releases endorphins, the brain substance that makes you feel good and happier. Furthermore, scientists have recognized a small organ in the ear called the sacculus. This responds to the frequencies that singing creates. The answer immediately creates a feeling of pleasure, regardless of how the voice sounds.

Music lowers stress levels

It is relaxing to make music in any form. Singing releases stored tension in the muscle and lowers the level of a stress hormone called cortisol in the bloodstream.

Music improves mental readiness

Improved blood circulation and blood flow allow oxygen to reach the brain faster. This helps with concentration and memory.

In conclusion, the music itself can transform people’s emotions and feelings, changing their state in a short time. Music can reduce stress, and pain, increase attention and bring positivity and calmness to our everyday life.

Music has the power to bring people together in different ways. It can make you expressive and help you better understand your feelings and emotions, as well as those of other people.

Music Cabinetry: Music Styles That Boost Drive

Cabinetry: Music Styles That Boost Drive

Music is not just music and some songs stimulate your cognitive abilities more than others. Whether gaming soundtrack or nature sounds – there is something for everyone.

Listening to music at work can increase your productivity tremendously. You are more attentive, more focused, and also more motivated. Also, music is definitely a source of inspiration for creative processes when designing kitchen cabinets in Highland Cabinetry (highlandcabinetry.com) office.

Soothing natural sounds without distracting you

The natural sounds of waves or a walk through the forest drown out annoying background noise and the conversations of others without being disturbing. After all, there are no lyrics. Music created from natural sounds increases your concentration and work efficiency. In addition, you feel happier through hearing and have a more positive attitude towards work. Furthermore, nature sounds have a relaxing effect. The only thing you should avoid is shrill noises made by animals, such as birds singing.

Highland Cabinetry

Music with specific beats indicates the working beat

Some researchers believe that the type of music doesn’t matter as long as it has a certain rhythm. Above all, 50 or 80 beats per minute are ideal for learning, but also promote creativity. In collaboration with Spotify, Dr. Emma Gray found that when you listen to this music you slip into alpha status. The cognitive behavior expert explains that when you are awake, your brains are in a “beta phase”, on constant alert. This also makes you more prone to distractions. However, music at 50 or 80 beats per minute slows down your mind and makes them more receptive.

Of course, the classics should not be missing

The so-called Mozart effect, which states that classical music improves cognitive abilities, is quite controversial among scientists. However, there are enough studies that prove just that. Brain activity should be increased and even health should be positively influenced. In addition, there is also the advantage that the classics have no lyrics. In particular, music from the Baroque period is recommended, since its rhythm contributes to increased concentration and performance.

You can’t beat your taste in music

Admittedly, this point causes heated debates. One party thinks that listening to your favorite songs while working is more of a hindrance. You end up bobbing or humming along and get distracted. The other party, on the other hand, is convinced that your own taste in music can increase your performance. A study by the University of Miami showed that subjects who listened to their favorite songs completed their tasks faster. In addition, your mood will automatically be lifted by the familiar sounds of your playlist. Thus, motivation and endurance are improved and you can face up to even agonizing tasks.

Music 5 Essential Blogger Outreach Strategies to Get Your Radio & Music Business Noticed

5 Essential Blogger Outreach Strategies to Get Your Radio & Music Business Noticed

Woman listening to radio on her laptop

What is Blogger Outreach and Why Is It Important for the Radio & Music Industry?

Blogger outreach is an important marketing strategy for the radio and music industry. It involves connecting with influential bloggers, influencers, and media outlets to create content that will help promote their brand. It is an effective way to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with them. By leveraging the power of influence marketing, companies can drive more traffic to their website or social media channels, increase their visibility, and ultimately boost sales. OutreachMonks offer a blogger outreach service (https://outreachmonks.com/blogger-outreach/) to boost influencer marketing efforts.

1. Identify the Right Target Audience for Your Radio & Music Content

Identifying the right target audience for your radio & music content is essential to ensure that your content reaches the right people. The key to success lies in understanding who your target audience is and how to best reach them.

To do this, you need to identify the blog influencers, online influencers, and music bloggers who are already engaging with similar content. Identifying these people will give you a better idea of which topics and formats resonate best with your target audience. You can then tailor your content accordingly so that it resonates with them more effectively.

2. Utilize the Power of Social Media to Reach More Bloggers

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to bloggers today. It can be used to reach more people, create relationships with influencers, and drive traffic to your blog. With the right social media marketing campaign, you can generate more leads, build an engaged community of followers and increase your blog’s visibility.

By leveraging the power of social media, you can create relationships with influencers who will help promote your blog and help you reach a wider audience. You can also use it to drive organic traffic to your website by creating content that resonates with your target audience. Additionally, you can use social media platforms such as Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads to reach even more people and get them interested in what you have to offer.

3. Create Valuable Content that Engages with Different Communities

Content creation is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. It helps to engage with different communities and build relationships with customers. Content can be used to educate, inform, and entertain your target audience.

A content creation strategy should involve creating valuable content that resonates with the target audience. This could include blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, or ebooks. A content curation strategy should also be implemented to find relevant content from other sources that can be shared with your community. By doing this you can ensure that you are providing value to your audience while also creating an engaged community around your brand.

4. Develop Lasting Relationships with Influential Bloggers in Your Niche

Building relationships with influential bloggers in your niche is an important part of any successful content marketing strategy. Not only will it help you build credibility and visibility, but it can also open up new opportunities for collaboration and promotion.

By establishing strong relationships with influential bloggers, you can gain access to their knowledge, resources, and networks. This can help you create high-quality content that will attract more readers to your blog and increase engagement with your target audience. With the right relationship-building strategies in place, you can easily foster meaningful connections with the most influential bloggers in your niche and use them as a powerful tool for growing your blog.

5. Measure Your Results and Make Adjustments Accordingly

In order to understand the effectiveness of your copywriting efforts, you need to measure your results and make adjustments accordingly. By measuring the performance of your copywriting campaigns, you can identify what works and what doesn’t, and make any necessary changes in order to improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

By tracking key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement levels, and customer feedback, you can gain valuable insights into how well your copywriting is performing. This data can then be used to refine and optimize future campaigns in order to maximize their success.

By regularly measuring the results of your copywriting efforts and making adjustments accordingly, you can ensure that each campaign is as successful as possible.


Music Pro of Listening to Music in Your Phone

Pro of Listening to Music in Your Phone


We now have more benefits thanks to mobile technology than just texting and calling on our cell phones. Nowadays, people may watch a variety of material on their cellphones. Since many people now regularly listen to music on their mobile devices, music streaming is becoming the standard for many people. For more information on four good reasons to start streaming music on your coque iphone x, keep reading.

Reach and Portability – When designing smartphones, many manufacturers focus on one key feature: portability. Now that people no longer need to utilize cables and wires, you may access various services whether you’re at home or not. One of these services is music streaming, which enables you to hear different songs while jogging, working, or relaxing at a café.

Legal and Good Music
Unfortunately, content pirates are a problem that both music artists and businesses must deal with. However, a lot of music streaming applications now have strong policies against consumers tolerating any forms of infringement.

Because of this, listening to audio files from other channels has a far higher likelihood of exposing you to pirated audio than utilizing music streaming apps on your smartphone. Additionally, you have more freedom to decide how you want to listen to your favorite songs.

Easy Access to New Music – Repeatedly listening to the same music might become monotonous. However, since you might not be able to pinpoint the precise tune you want to listen to, searching the Internet for new music may take some time.

Simple Data Transfer Between Different Devices –
Transferring audio files across devices is a hassle that many music enthusiasts would rather avoid. For instance, you recently purchased a new phone. Perhaps in the past, downloading the files and moving them to your new smartphone was required before you could listen to your music. Although it won’t be difficult, this approach will require more work than streaming songs.

Instead, think about adopting dependable smartphone music streaming applications. The program uses an Internet connection to play these files. As a consequence, when using the same program from another device, you may continue play the same music and playlists.

Radio 9 Ways Radio Stations Can Leverage Instagram

9 Ways Radio Stations Can Leverage Instagram

Radio station microphone


Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms worldwide and is a great channel to buy followers through pages like pimpmyacc.com/promote-your-instagram-account. Radio stations can also address their target groups particularly well here. And if you follow the following 9 tips, you can quickly generate followers for your content.

Find your own style

You should not post everything that comes randomly in front of your lens during the day. Here, a clear positioning of which content should be posted helps. Thus, even potential followers quickly know what to expect from a profile and whether they are interested.

Pay attention to quality

Instagram is about aesthetics. Therefore, always make sure that every photo is sharp. And in any case, use the alignment tool directly in the app. This allows the orientation of the photographed subject to be changed, which makes your own feed more varied and interesting.

The background also counts

Always pay attention to the background of the images. The colors should basically harmonize with each other. A strict strategy on which colors can be used in the Instagram feed also makes sense.

The right light

Every picture becomes more beautiful when you use natural light. Also, play with the focus of the phone camera by tapping the screen. This optimizes automatic exposure.

Default square

Instagram photos don’t always have to be square. Many apps help to crop a rectangular image afterward, such “Afterlight” or “InstaSize”.


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Filter only when necessary

Here, too, there are different approaches. You can decide to basically use a filter. This quickly results in a uniform-looking profile. Or you can decide to use a filter only when necessary. When editing images, however, you should not only use the pre-installed standard filters on Instagram. There are many separate photo editing apps like “VSCO Cam” that offer a wider range of editing.

Set hashtags

Very important: Don’t forget the hashtags. The most popular hashtags worldwide can be found on the tagsforlife website.

The right time

The right time is also important on Instagram. It should be when your followers are most active. Basically, one can say that in Germany in the morning between 6 and 9 o’clock and in the evening between 19 and 22 o’clock posted pictures are most successful. But just give it a try and use the experience for your account.


You want to build a network? This only works by interacting with other Instagrammers. Like, follow accounts, and comment on pictures. If someone comments on you, be sure to reply, and if someone likes your photo, like it back. So you will gain new followers in a short time.

If you don’t have an Instagram presence yet, sign up, and off you go!

Music Three Ways in Which Radio Helps Musicians

Three Ways in Which Radio Helps Musicians

It’s no secret that the music business is always in a state of flux, and neither is radio’s function as a musical transmission medium. There has never been a better time to take advantage of what radio shows have to offer because of the way they facilitate interaction through promotion, exclusivity, and curation.

The Possibility of Being Exposed

Studies reveal that AM/FM radio has the most reach of all media outlets, having 93 percentage points of people listening. Even more striking, 93% of the Z-Generation report listening to the radio at least 10 hours per week. Listening to the radio is a convenient, versatile, and comfortable experience.

The Exclusivity

Technology advances on a regular basis have made it easier for anyone to create and distribute their own music. As a result, it’s more competitive than it’s ever been for musicians to have their work recognized in what is undoubtedly the most musically diverse and prolific era in history.

Industry Credibility is Built via Curation, Brands, and Advertising

An artist can build brand credibility in the music world by curating and presenting high-quality events to a specified target audience regularly. Everyone can make a playlist and upload it to services like Spotify or Soundcloud.

Music Career In Music Industry: The Right Strategy

Career In Music Industry: The Right Strategy

A fulfilling career in the music industry is probably the fulfillment of all dreams for many creative people. No wonder, because even if you don’t have superstar status, in addition to the glamorous activities, there are also “normal” office jobs that are creative, exciting, and varied in their own way. It’s clear that this is very attractive to many works. But it shouldn’t be a secret that the music industry, apart from the glorious success stories, also has negative aspects.

Thus, the advent of the Internet meant that this industry was subjected to a process of transformation that is still ongoing. Not only artists but also labels, managers, and other members of the industry have had and still have to face the reality of changing listening habits and platforms or are in danger of disappearing into insignificance.

It is therefore essential to have a plan for your own career in mind. It is just as important not to succumb to “get-rich-quick” strategies that are supposed to lead to supposed and, above all, quick success.

Job Board Fire

Build your portfolio

Whether you’re a songwriter, performer, producer, or engineer, if you’re going to land jobs or engagements at Job Board Fire, people need to know who they’re dealing with. A presentable portfolio of work will undoubtedly bring more acceptance than long emails or conversations in which you rave about your many projects but whose results you never have at hand.

Of course, this means that you actually have to complete projects and not constantly abandon everything and focus on the next big, exciting thing. Maybe the little production you’re sitting on right now, and for which you’re being paid a modest fee, isn’t the next chart-topper. But maybe it is a step towards more possibilities and collaboration partners. The sum of your portfolio makes it.

Keep your passion for music

If it’s just a job for you and your actual creative work is just dull processing, you should ask yourself why you started in the first place. Self-reflection is far from easy. It is an often necessary first step in charting your future path.

In order to be able to work creatively in the music business in the long term, you have to retain a certain “spirit”. But you can only do that if you keep your balance between everyday life and your art, the business, and your creative streak.

Music The Impact of Music on Self Confidence

The Impact of Music on Self Confidence

Confident man listening to music


My daughter comes in radiant. She just bought a new album for her record player. I can well imagine her joy. I remember how happy I was when I bought my very first album, Arrival by Abba. A long time ago, yes.

“What album did you buy?” I ask. “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar,” she says enthusiastically. A conversation ensues about the influence of music on your mood and then she says: ‘Why is music so important in your adolescence? It probably also has to do with self-confidence.’

I look up in amazement, I have no idea. I never thought about music and self-confidence. But I see a starting point because music is emotion and self-confidence as well. My interest is piqued, and I open my laptop and start googling. Basically, it has the same impact as following a daily affirmation routine from 2minuteaffirmations.com.

Music helps with stress

Soon I come across an article by the Finnish scientist Suvi Saarikallio. I read that music helps with stress. No shortage of stress during puberty! So much is changing during this period. Physically but also socially and emotionally. A new school, new friends, a first part-time job, the first courtship. The stress of choice: which profile do you choose and which further education? And online: stress if you get few likes on Instagram.

The self-confidence built up in the years before comes under a lot of pressure.

Music helps with stress because it distracts, relaxes, and comforts. It gives us new energy and it makes us happy. Because while listening to music, dopamine is released in our body. Dopamine is a substance that belongs to the reward system of the brain. It is also released during eating, exercising, and making love. Now I understand why music is so important! And why it plays such an important role in puberty. It immediately explains the happy feeling when you hear your favorite song on the radio. And I understand why my daughter loves to go to music festivals. It’s just one big dopamine paradise!

Neuropsychologist Eric Scherder says about music: ‘Music is so good for your overall development. It touches you, it amazes you, and emotions bring back memories. It connects you to others. Music intervenes in the deepest structures of the brain. It is a primal psychophysiological mechanism of man.’

And does music also affect self-confidence?

Later in the article, Suvi Saarikallio describes the four psychological functions of music:

  • it helps to develop an identity
  • it helps in relationships
  • it provides more grip
  • it helps to control emotions

I think about how these four positions related to self-confidence.

Identity: Through music and your music preferences, you get to know yourself a little better. Self-knowledge is an important pillar of self-confidence and identity has to do with it.


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Abba or Queen?

Although I have to say that my fan-being of Abba at the time caused a small dilemma. Because according to the Queen fans in my class, I couldn’t become a fan of Queen if I was already an Abba fan. You were either for Abba or for Queen. I found that a difficult one, because as a Queen fan, you were instantly tough. That attracted me. The image of an Abba fan, on the other hand, was well-behaved and girly. But really choose Queen? That went too far for me, then just good.


Connection with other people feeds our self-confidence. Music is an easy topic of conversation. It’s nice when you find out that you both like hip-hop, for example. That immediately creates a bond.

Music shapes thoughts and emotions. Popular topics in music are important in puberty. Lyrics are often about love, sexuality, identity, and social changes. Music is felt as a personal friend. One that is always there for you and with whom you can always be yourself.

Mastering grip and emotions

If you can positively influence your own mood with music, then music is a nice ‘instrument’ to adjust your emotions. This adjustment gives a sense of competence and control. That feeling of control, of grip, is also a source of self-confidence.

I had forgotten how important music used to be to me. For the last few days, I have been acting like an adolescent. The music is on all the time and I search online for my old favorite songs. I make a playlist, bleed hard Purple Rain, and playback while I’m writing this. Delicious, that dopamine.

How important is music to you? And has music helped you form an identity? Do you use music to get in a different mood? I’m curious. Nice if you leave a comment below.

Music Doing Chores More Effectively with Music

Doing Chores More Effectively with Music

House cleaners having fun with music while cleaning


Headphones on, music on and we go for it! Do you also enjoy nice music during your working day? Then you are not alone, because many people feel more active and happier when they listen to music during their work. Household chores such as sofa cleaning are also easier with a good playlist in the background. In fact, research shows that people actually become more productive from music. As many as 90% of employees experience the positive effects of music. So it is worthwhile to motivate yourself with good music. How does that actually work?

Music and your body

We don’t always think about it, but music has a lot of influence on our bodies. This is mainly due to the production of dopamine. This is the substance that makes us feel happy. Dopamine is mainly produced when you listen to music that you like. So your favorite artists make you feel good. This happiness translates to your work. Dopamine makes you feel safe, giving you more time and attention for your daily tasks. Your worries fade into the background and you can endure even the most difficult working days. Also not entirely unimportant: music in the workplace ensures that the atmosphere becomes better. It is therefore also good for the relationship you have with your colleagues.

Other benefits of music

Music doesn’t just make you feel happy. There are also other ways a playlist can help you get started. This filters annoying background noise. Do you quickly get annoyed by tapping keyboards, chewing colleagues or the hustle and bustle of the street? Put on your favorite music and you won’t hear anything about it anymore. Just make sure you don’t turn up your music to more than 70 decibels. This is the limit at which background music can become a disturbing factor.


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Choosing the right music

The effects of music are not always the same. The genre can determine how you feel, so it’s important to put together a good playlist. Are you mainly looking for energy and do you want to improve your mood? Then listen to your favorite artists. Especially pop music does well because the cheerful rhythm ensures that you get to work enthusiastically. Are you looking for some extra concentration? Then you have to listen to instrumental music. Scientists have found that classical music, soundtracks, and lounge music increase your concentration. This is because they are not too present, which makes it less easy to get distracted. Whatever you do, find the music you like to listen to. That always makes the working day more fun.

Radio How to Listen to Radio on Your Computer?

How to Listen to Radio on Your Computer?

Woman listening to radio on her laptop


If you want to listen to the radio on the computer with a mechanical keyboard (check out helveticaforever for keyboard design tips), you have an almost unmissable choice. We want to make this easier for you with our Top 6. The following channels have different focuses and are all free, sometimes even without advertising. You can also use them all on a desktop PC or Mac.

Listen to the radio on your computer with already installed programs

Windows Media Player

Until a few updates ago, it was also possible to receive Internet radio stations via the media library via Windows Media Player. In the meantime, however, this has become a bit cumbersome, so we would not recommend this way. For current versions of the media player, you should proceed as follows:

  • Open Windows Media Player on your PC.
  • Now press + at the same time.STRGU
  • A pop-up window will open where you can enter the desired URL of the Internet radio station.
  • Click OK to play the channel’s stream.

You can find the exact URL address of the radio stations, for example, by doing a Google search. A URL list of many German broadcasters can also be found in the ubuntu wiki.


On a Mac, iTunes is preinstalled, but on Windows PCs, you may have to do this (link to the app in the Microsoft Store)

  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Select Music and click Library in the upper-left menu.
  • Then select Internet Radio in the sidebar.
  • If you can’t find Internet radio there, click Edit in the sidebar next to the library. Check the box next to Internet radio and confirm with Done.
  • Now you can choose between the different radio stations.

Listen to the radio on your computer with apps and browser

Tune In (American Sports and News)

Tune In has a clean interface, making it easy to select and switch radio stations. Thanks to the app, you can listen to the Tune-In radio not only on your computer but also via Alexa or Google Home. The radio station focuses on American (sports) content. For a monthly subscription, you get all sports news and sports talks from the MLB, NHL, NFL and other American sports leagues as well as the live broadcast of important games.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Free
  • 100,000 radio stations and podcasts worldwide
  • No log-in is required to listen
  • Premium subscription possible; Advantage: less advertising on certain channels, top news channels and sports news from the USA
  • Free desktop app available

Radio.de (large selection)

Radio.de convinces with its simple operation. It can only be heard in the browser, but without logging in and with just one click. Although the platform is kept simple, it offers a large selection of radio stations.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Free
  • 40,000 radio stations and podcasts worldwide
  • No log-in is required to listen
  • Ad-supported, despite AdBlocker advertising being visible
  • No desktop app is available, only audible online


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Radioplayer.de (partly without advertising)

The unique selling point of Radiopayler.de: There is no advertising on the platform. On the other hand, the selection of channels is somewhat limited and also limited to Germany in the area, because only selected “member stations” offer their program there free of charge and without advertising. Also worth mentioning is the large selection of apps. Thus, you can listen to the player seamlessly, for example, via your Smart TV like your smartwatch.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Free
  • No ads
  • Over 2,000 German radio stations and podcasts
  • Numerous apps to choose from for Smart TV, Smart Watches, Google Assistant, Chromecast and more
  • No log-in required to listen

My Tuner (worldwide)

My Tuner is especially helpful if you have a specific regional station request, or miss a radio station from your last holiday country. The platform is ad-supported and also reminds you with each new click that the AdBlocker is still activated. If you do not want to give in to the request of the platform and want to leave it activated, you have a somewhat idle use ahead of you and have to close the pop-up window with the notification with every second click.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Free
  • No log-in required to listen
  • ad-financed; thanks to ad-blocker, the ads are hidden, but it is regularly reminded of him
  • Numerous channels worldwide
  • Simplified selection by country/region possible

Listen to the radio on the computer: Internet radio vs. DAB+

For DAB+, the transmitters must broadcast a specific signal and also have special transmitters for this. This signal is geographically limited and can only be sent within a certain radius.

With Internet radio, the transmitter and receiver actually communicate with each other via an existing Internet connection. Although there is no geographical limitation, everything can be heard around the world, but a technical one. Under certain circumstances, the server of the Internet radio can only process a limited number of listeners.

Large transmitters therefore often work with several servers in order to be able to process the data streams more efficiently.

Music SEVENTEEN’S Two Songs Win at the 2022 MTV EMAs

SEVENTEEN’S Two Songs Win at the 2022 MTV EMAs

Recently at the 2022 MTV European Music Awards, the stage-breaker Korean pop boy group, Seventeen won big and made history by becoming the first K-pop act to win Best New and Best Push.


SEVENTEEN Expressed their Gratefulness to their Carats


After SEVENTEEN won Best New at the awards event on November 13 at the PSD Bank Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany, they thanked their fans CARATs and said that it feels like they are reaching somewhere new every day. They also mentioned that they’ve been to places they never imagined they would be. 


They quickly received their second victory of the evening, Best Push, making them the most honored act of the year. They also thanked everyone who helped them along the way.


Recent Awards of SEVENTEEN


In American Music Awards, SEVENTEEN won their first-ever nomination for Favorite K-pop Artist earlier this year.

The 13-piece act also left the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards with their first Moon Person after their rendition of “Rock with you,”  was selected PUSH Performance of the Year.


They made a comeback to the concert stage last June this year with their world tour show, “BE THE SUN“. The performance juggernaut is preparing for its November/December Dome Tour in Osaka, Tokyo, and Aichi, Japan, after having already played 19 gigs in North as well as Southeast Asia.

Music Why You Should Listen to Music When Playing Video Game

Why You Should Listen to Music When Playing Video Game

Are video games such as LED beleuchtung your favorite pastime? If you do, there’s a strong likelihood that music contributed to how much you enjoyed the event. Contrary to popular belief, studies have discovered that some musical genres help prolong gamers’ attention spans. In this blog article, we’ll examine some of the relevant data and consider how music may influence our gaming behaviors. So continue reading if you’re curious to discover more about how music is used in video games.

It Set the Game’s Mood.

Anyone who has played a video game knows how important the soundtrack is to the whole experience. The correct music may assist to create the ideal atmosphere, whether it’s for a grand adventure or a fun frolic. According to research, individuals tend to find positive-sounding music in games to be more pleasurable than negative-sounding music.

It raises the excitement of the game.

Making the encounter more thrilling is another way that music may keep gamers engaged. Our pulse rate and blood pressure rise, making us more alert and concentrated when we hear fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing music. This is perfect for games with lots of action where having quick reactions is crucial. According to studies, playing an action game while listening to fast-paced music improves performance.

It Can Aid Concentration

Do you have trouble focusing when playing video games? In that case, music could be beneficial. According to studies, persons who listen to music while working are more likely to maintain their attention and outperform those who do not. This is so that individuals can concentrate on the subject at hand and distractions are reduced by the music.

It could make the realistic experience better.

Video games are made to be fully immersing experiences that take us to different realms. And music is a crucial component that can improve this immersion. When we hear music in a game, it helps to establish the mood and establish a feeling of location. This is crucial in role-playing games because it helps players feel as though they are in a different universe.


Music 2022 Radio Trends to Look Out For

2022 Radio Trends to Look Out For

It’s been two years, and the pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the world. Despite this ongoing challenge, audio is expected to be even stronger in 2022. There is no secret in digital radio, podcasting, and audio advertising are growing in popularity. have entered the mainstream and are causing havoc in the media industry.



Here are Some Trends To Have a Successful Run With Your Radio Station

Content Will Remain King 

In 2022, companies will continue to employ content that fulfills customer requirements and narrative to develop strong and real connections. Delivering material in the listener’s native tongue is also an excellent strategy to promote your audio content.


Transforming In-Store Playlists

An growing trend in audio is that in-store playlists will be deliberately employed to impact consumer behavior, attract new customers, and make the shopping experience easier for consumers.


Conscious Consumption

Consumers are still guided by ethics. Sustainability is still present a top concept, and this approach will be expanded to radio and communications.


Adoption of Smart Speakers

People are splitting their time between home and work due to the epidemic. As a result, smart speakers and voice assistants have become popular household equipment.


Try Radio If You Want To Reach Generation Z

According to statistics, young people are listening to the radio more than expected. Based on Edison Research, Gen Z  (aged 13 to 24) prefer streaming, yet 55% also listen to AM/FM radio on a daily basis. This is an important target audience for your radio station.

Music Voice Box of Bumble Bee’s Voice

Voice Box of Bumble Bee’s Voice

Voice Box of Bumble Bee’s Voice

     Music radio is a radio format that concentrates on music as the primary broadcast content. Music layouts had become dominant in many nations after broadcast tv replaced the stunning content of old-time radio. Radio drama and comedy continue to be broadcast, mostly on public radio. Below are few trivias about Bumblebee’s voice box in the movie of Transformers.

Who is Bumblebee in the Movie?

Autobots. Dylan O’Brien lead role as Bumblebee/B-127, a fresh faced Autobot soldier who converts initially into a innovative yellow Cybertronian vehicle, then into a yellow 1942 Willys MB vehicle, until changing to a rusty old yellow 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, also at last into the initial film’s yellow 1977 Chevrolet Camaro.


What Happened to Bumblebee’s Voice Box?

Bumblebee is pursued by Decepticon Blitzwing after being brought to Earth by Optimus Prime, and he fails to divulge the location of his fellows. As an outcome, Blitzwing ruins Bumblebee’s speech synthesizer, devastating it beyond repair, urging him to learn to converse using audio files. He communicated via radio, using bits and pieces of recordings.


Is Bumblebee Able to Regain His Voice?

Bumblebee, everyone’s favorite Autobot scout, has finally found his voice in The Last Knight, after ten years and five Transformers films.


Music The Different Advantages of Radio to Musicians

The Different Advantages of Radio to Musicians

The role of the radio as a music streaming device has evolved and changed over time as the music industry continues to grow and evolve. There has never been a better time to take advantage of all the benefits that radio shows have to offer.

The radio now symbolizes a form of connection through exposure, exclusivity, and curation.

The Way Radio Help Musicians to Build Brands and Career

There are reasons why a radio program is a good way to build your brand and advance your career:

Potential for Exposure

Radio offers listeners ease, adaptability, and familiarity, which can also give artists a special chance to reach a larger audience.


Since new technologies are constantly being invented, anyone can now easily create and distribute their own music. As a result, it’s possible to argue that the music market is now more saturated than it has ever been.

Credibility is Built

One of the finest methods for an artist to build brand credibility in the music industry is to curate and regularly present consistent, high-quality events to a specified target audience. Anyone may create a playlist and upload material to Soundcloud or Spotify.

But there is a distinction between this and someone who deliberately selects a show that would appeal to listeners. For this reason, radio programs still have a place in the world of music media.

Music The Use Of Relaxation And Nature Music

The Use Of Relaxation And Nature Music

Shallow, harmonious sounds of strings, the sound of waves in the background, slow and repetitive melodies – many people associate this with relaxation music.

What is relaxation music in water heater office?

If you look at the word “relaxation music”, it is noticeable that the term “relaxation” already ascribes an effect to this music.

But music can have very different effects and evoke a variety of emotions. It can wake you up and stimulate you, can relax you and promote sleep.

What you generally understand as relaxation music can also have very different effects, depending on the context.

People working in water heater repair san diego offices can benefit from the sound of nature while performing their tasks. Relaxing music like water sound can help them understand the importance of water to humans and the environment as well.

How do you perceive music and what happens in the body when listening to music?

There are numerous studies on the effects of music. The results are as varied as there are different research methods, evaluation procedures, groups examined, etc.

There are many indications of the effect of music, such as an increase in immunoglobulin A through singing or a reduction in the “stress hormone” cortisol. A large amount of data also suggests that consonant music reduces stress levels and has anti-anxiety effects.

Connection between music processing and processing of emotions

Processing music virtually involve all brain regions. It is striking that in the first few milliseconds of music perception, information is passed on to structures in the brain that are responsible for processing emotions.

Music can create a pleasant mood by activating the reward system. There is also evidence that music stimulates the release of the so-called “bonding hormone” oxytocin.

The consequences can be improved breathing, heart rate, reduced muscle tension, etc. In addition, when listening to music, you remember feelings associated with earlier musical experiences.

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Music can be used in many ways to relax and at all ages

Certain musical parameters are considered to be particularly conducive to relaxation, but everyone has their own musical preferences.

Since music triggers memories of emotions associated with that music, it can affect different people very differently. For this reason, it is important to make a pre-selection of music with relaxation-promoting parameters when using music for relaxation.

Children in particular respond well to the effects of music. For example, you can use music to relax before going to bed. You can also combine with relaxing stories.

Uncategorized Radio Receiver and ItsTypes

Radio Receiver and ItsTypes

One such device that people have used for many generations is the radio receiver. Guglielmo Marconi developed the first radio receiver in 1895, shortly after developing radio communication. An electronic device known as a radio receiver can hardly obtain radio signals and therefore can translate those signals into audio and sound. By tuning to a specific frequency, a radio receiver may pick up radio signals at various frequencies.

Since the creation of the very first radio receiver, radio receiver technology has undergone several changes, and as new technologies are introduced, radio receivers are growing smarter.

Types of Radio Receiver

Analog and digital radio receivers are the two primary classifications. AM or FM receivers are within the analog category, while hybrid receivers are also possible. A DAB/DAB+ receiver or an AM/FM HD radio receiver are two options for digital receivers. Internet radio receivers are digital radio receivers as well, however they can only pick up radio stations when online.

Analog Radio Receivers

Receiver types that can absorb analog radio broadcasts on AM/FM frequencies are known as analog radio receivers.

Digital Radio Receivers

A digital radio receiver transforms data audio impulses collected from the digitized radio waves to analog audio, and they are only compatible with digital wireless signals or internet broadcast.

Radio List of the Best Online Radio Stations

List of the Best Online Radio Stations

Content marketing is the shiny swan these days, helping organizations increase traffic and sales.

Blog posts, ebooks, and infographics are the most common forms of content for most businesses. But don’t overlook one of the most effective types of entertainment: online radio.

What is the definition of online radio?

Online radio consists of any other pre-recorded Mp3 format or live, over-the-air broadcasts using a microphone. Listeners are not limited to a single geographic area with online radio, and they are not reliant on syndication partners to have the show heard. It is audible all around the planet.

List of Fantastic Online Radio Stations

Probably, you are dying to know just how to access radio stations on the internet at this point. There are a variety of services available for this, but here are some stations that are found to be effective.


TuneIn provides a useful local station option that lists a number of radio stations in your area; check out any that audio fascinating. On your phone, the TuneIn apps (available for Android or ios) is also a wonderful method to connect to such stations.

Public Radio Fan

The internet site Public Radio Fan is essentially a global directory of public radio stations, which include the community stations that broadcast music. The site includes connections to the station’s website as well as direct streaming access in most cases.


Another service that makes locating online radio stations simple is InternetRadio.com. Try searching or browsing by genre.

Music UK’s Best Music Festival 2022

UK’s Best Music Festival 2022

In the wake of the epidemic, several spectacular festivals have vanished, while others have been put on hold for the meantime. There’s always the possibility that these activities could be rescheduled or canceled, so keep an updated on the progress news. We hope to see some of the legends come back in 2023, but meanwhile, these fantastic festivals will suffice.

List of the Best Music Festival in the UK this 2022

Lend your ears and get ready to hear that great music at the following top-notch music festival in the UK.

FIELD DAY in London

Field Day is still as cool as ice with a handlebar mustache and a witty tattoo. In the extremely Village Green area, it’s a terrific location to get day through craft beer after filling your tummy with the trendiest vegan food.


It’s tough to express how massive Glasto is, with entire worlds of activity that occurs outside the arena, as well as an incredible musical lineup spanning pop, rock, reggae, metal, dubstep, techno, and folk.

LATITUDE in Suffolk

With a lineup of daring pop and alt-rock in a beautiful setting, this Suffolk festival delivers the best-case scenario weekend away. It’s a family-friendly event, with poetry, comedy, dance, spoken word, and theatre thrown in for good measure.

Music Guess that Song: Try Heardle

Guess that Song: Try Heardle

If you are a fan and already know most of the lyrics of the best songs of Stevie Wonder, then the Heardle app might be right for you. Heardle is an app that caters for a guessing game in which you’re given longer and longer snatches of a pop song. You have six chances to find out what it is.

Knowing More About Heardle

Heardle has a unique twist in that it has a skip button. Regardless of whether you’ve made a guess, hearing a fresh clip will provide you with extra knowledge of the song. Of course, Heardle offers a similar sharing option that allows you to copy sets of emoji to your clipboard to show off how quickly you picked the music.

According to Heardle’s about the screen, it pulls tracks from “a pool of the most streamed songs over the history,” so you won’t be stuck trying to figure out what song just 1,000 people have heard. Moreover, Heardle is also getting the songs from Soundcloud which is good to hear.

How to Play

There isn’t an app for Heardle so the game is only available on its website. The website adds new music every day at midnight of your location’s local time, and everyone guesses the same song each day.

  1. To hear the opening second of the song, press the play button.
  2. Then, in the text box, provide the name of the music you believe it is.
  3. Choose your option, then click Submit.
  4. You’ll find out if your guess was correct or incorrect. It’s game over if you don’t guess the music in six guesses.

Heardle is a great way to challenge your pals.

Music The Best Songs of Stevie Wonder

The Best Songs of Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s extraordinary musical abilities have resulted in a slew of hit songs throughout his illustrious career. His talent is limitless, from penning lovely melodies to playing the Harmonia and, of course, his silky vocals!


With so many incredible songs to select from, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Stevie Wonder tracks.

List of the Best from Stevie Wonder

Check out these wonderful songs of Stevie and fall in love with them yourself.

1-I Was Made To Love Her

I Was Made To Love Her was one of the first great songs of Stevie Wonder that was released in 1967. It was written while he was only 16 years old. Angie, Stevie’s first love is the subject of the song.

2-For Once In My Life

Barbara McNair and The Temptations recorded their versions of For Once In My Life in 1966 and 1967, respectively, but Stevie Wonder made the rhythm of this slow ballad in a little upbeat mode and published his version in 1968.

Stevie’s rendition of the song became the most well-known and popular, even though he was just 17 at the time.

3-Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday

This nostalgic ballad was released in 1969 and reached Number 2 in the UK Charts. This song was the most popular song of Stevie Wonder in the UK at the time.

Music With or Without Music in the Car?

With or Without Music in the Car?


We have long known that music affects our mood. The influence of music in stores is not new either. Clothing stores and shoe stores play music to help customers relax. In supermarkets, carefully select quiet songs to allow customers to walk slowly down the aisle, giving them more time to walk around. View and buy more products when picking and choosing what to shop for, like cars, luxuries, shoes, etc. To see their parts, see inventory, their functions, and how they look like.

Uptempo variants, on the other hand, give customers faster access to checkouts. The same effect can be seen in cars. Driving behavior depends on the music you are listening to.

Music for Fatigue

Recently, some research has been done on the effects of music on the driving behavior of drivers. First, we found that music had a positive impact. Fun songs are said to relieve the fatigue of long-distance trips, and wheel fatigue can lead to accidents, so listening to music in the car can reduce the number of road accidents.

You can attach it. In reality, things don’t look so rosy. According to recent research, certain music disrupts our concentration and requires a prompt response to accidents and violations.

Your favorite songs

In supermarkets, soft music generally has a positive effect on all customers. This is not the case for cars. The effect of music on driving behavior depends on your musical taste. If your favorite song is on the radio, you’re more likely to lose focus.

After that, you tend to sing along and maybe even move on to music and lose sight of your surroundings. Of course, this can reduce reaction time and increase violations and accidents. Speed ​​limits are also overlooked.


Music genres play an important role

In that music, it is a distraction on the go. It’s a personal factor, as which genre you’re driven into depends on your personal taste. There is also a general factor, which is the volume of the music. Loud music affects driving behavior, regardless of genre.

Noise does not focus you on the road, is less aware of your speed, and is isolated from your surroundings. Noise from rescue teams such as sirens and horn calls no longer penetrates. The possible results should have been clear so far.

Combat emotions

The influence of music in the car is difficult to define due to personal factors, but the background noise is not necessarily a bad thing. It is important to choose music that does not affect your state of mind.

We have already mentioned above that your mood is determined by music and your mood does have a major influence on your driving style.


Moods in Music

Anger, sadness, euphoria, and other extreme feelings drastically reduce your concentration. In the car, it is, therefore, better to listen to music that does not trigger strong emotions or memories. Also adjust the volume, so that you remain aware of your surroundings.

Stop listening to hard hip hop and heavy metal for a while.  Inattentive driving is a plague of the century.


Music Greatest Hits Produced by Dr. Dre

Greatest Hits Produced by Dr. Dre

For almost 3 decades, the career of Dr. Dre in the music production industry has been soaring. Dr. Dre is a musician from Los Angeles who introduced pop music sang by numbers of famous music icons. From Eazy-E, Eminem to Snoop Dogg, the list goes on and the achievements of Dr. Dre is really uncountable.

List of Music Produced by Dr. Dre

It is not surprising that the musics produced by Dr. Dre made him a legend. So, to name a few of his production, below are some it.

Ain’t No Fun 

This Dr. Dre’s hit in 1993 was sang by Snoop Dogg. It also featured Warren G, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt. The song was a boogie-funk epic version of Dre. Its bouncy, glittered-ball rhythm made it a famous hit.

Family Affair

Mary J. Blige is the singer of this Dre’s hit in 2001. It is a good combination of stomping club rhythm.

My Name Is

In 1999, this song was introduced to the white Americans. And amazingly, the collaboration of Dr. Dre and Eminem made Dre recognized by the whites in just an hour.

In Da Club

In the record, this song sang by 50 Cent topped the Billboard for about 9 weeks in a row. With that, Dr. Dre became a hit producer up until now. And to add to that is its operatic keys that heat ups the nightlife.

Music What Music Can Do For You

What Music Can Do For You



It improves your brain, affects your mood, recollects vintage memories, and makes contact.


Your soundtrack

With all of the tracks I even have at home, I can fill greater than a year without fooling around. Paying attention to it at home using the radio, the internet, from different websites with best guest post service, with different apps and links, with friends, at concerts, and as my very own soundtrack whilst I’m on the road.

Sometimes I additionally take a seat down in silence, however regularly track performs a chief position in my day. So it is an amazing component that paying attention to track can carry you such a lot of superb things. Not only for me but for everyone!

Enriched surroundings

Who does not realize him, the enthusiastic professor Erik Scherder? The Amsterdam neuropsychologist champions the significance of movement, however in reality additionally tracks for enriched surroundings to your brain.

Years in the past I noticed him deliver an extremely good lecture in Pakhuis de Zwijger in the course of the Muziek Telt symposium in which he defined to the general public in excellent element why the track is so crucial to you. Play and pay attention.

Change your very own mood

You placed on a few satisfactory highly spiced tracks on your radio, mobile, and phones while you move for a run or train, however, simply earlier than going to sleep it regularly will become a piece quieter. You try this nearly routinely. But of the route, you could additionally play with it: are you a piece stressed, and do you need to cycle via the busy rush hour?

Put on a quiet document withinside the background, now no longer too loud of the route, you must nevertheless be capable of paying attention to the traffic! If you try this greater regularly, comfortable with a sure album or kind of track, you may routinely get a comfortable feeling the subsequent time you play that CD. You yourself make the relationship between that track and the feeling. And can take into account it at any time.

Back to then

Many aged humans additionally gain from paying attention to the track. It is of route constantly satisfactory and relaxed to experience track collectively, however specifically for humans with Alzheimer’s, experiencing track may be very crucial.

I see it with my very own grandmother. She regularly does not apprehend me anymore, however, making vintage songs collectively remains going very well. She in reality comes alive whilst she sings the songs of the one.

Music and autism

For youngsters with autism, and their families, the track may be an actual lifeline. A bridge from the internal global of autistic youngsters to the outdoor global. It isn’t constantly herbal for youngsters with autism to make contact with others.

Or to attach in approaches maximum folks do. Music may be a manner for them to explicit themselves and as a consequence make contact. And from time to time even at a later level to grasp the ones greater not unusual place approaches of communicating.


Music 2021 Top Ranked Radio Songs

2021 Top Ranked Radio Songs

The best-ranked radio songs of 2021 included some surefire hits and some big surprises, from sentimental ballads to rowdy party anthems. Collaborations are all the rage in country music this year, with many of its biggest names teaming up to make some powerful moments together.

Collaborating seems like such a natural fit when thinking about how these artists have been making their mark individually far before any connections ever happened between them. It makes perfect sense why so many stars would!

List of Top-Ranked Radio Songs of 2021

Check out the following radio songs that hit the country this year:

 1-Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan

Country songs and stories that gave wisdom as we commemorate the simple goals in our lives had a job well done this year. It was a year to look inward, slow down, and hyper-focus on the community with an emphasis on the song “Buy Dirt”. It generally touched all those themes at just about the right pace as if it were trying to emulate your resting heartbeat rhythmically rolling by one moment for you before going off onto another adventure without missing its beat–

2-Fancy Like by Walker Hayes

This year has been a big one for country music and this song is at the top of everyone’s playlist. The vocals are soothing with just enough edge to keep you engaged, while also providing some good background noise during those tough workdays!

3-‘Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson

With his soulful voice and compelling story, this singer will be one of the most memorable Song Of The Year contenders.

Music Why Listening To Music Is Good For You

Why Listening To Music Is Good For You

Conscious listening to music not only makes everyday life more beautiful, but it can also even help you get healthy. If you want to listen to an audio file anytime without any interruption, a youtube to mp3 can convert YouTube videos into mp3. With this tool, you can create a playlist of your favorite music in an mp3 file.

What happens to you when you listen to music?

Anyone who consciously listens to music and, above all, listens to music that they like, feels good. Music stimulates dopamine production in the brain. A study by the University of Barcelona was able to prove this.

There, 27 subjects took dopamine blockers, placebos, and a dopamine precursor at intervals of one week. After ingestion, they play music to them. These included participants’ favorite songs and tracks chosen by the researchers. The subjects were asked to rate the listening experience. How good did they feel listening to the music, would they want to buy the song and if so, what price would they be willing to pay for it?

The conclusion is that when the subjects were under the influence of the dopamine blocker, their happiness when listening to music was reduced. They found the music uncomfortable. Under the influence of the dopamine precursor, the participants felt true high feelings and a pronounced joy in the music and that is more than usual. Thus, a direct connection could be made between the good feeling that music gives and dopamine production.

youtube to mp3 converter

Goosebumps listening to music

This phenomenon is not self-evident, because not everyone gets goosebumps from certain songs or melodies. The Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California studied how the brain activity of people who get goosebumps from certain music differs from people who don’t.

It was discovered that people who get goosebumps from certain pieces of music actually have more numerous connections between the auditory cortex and the brain regions responsible for processing emotions.

People who have a high number of these connections can experience more intense emotions with certain music and even experience goosebumps. People with less connected brains don’t get goosebumps listening to music.

Can music have a healing effect?

Researchers are studying the effects of music on human health. Especially how and if music can speed up recovery. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA, and the Massachusetts General Hospital now treat their patients with music and medication at the same time. Researchers advise sick people to listen to their favorite music, which could definitely speed up recovery. And if not, it definitely lifts the spirits and that never hurt.

Music How to Enjoy Music With Your Apple Watch

How to Enjoy Music With Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become a necessary accessory in the modern day. Incorporating features such as a music player has become an all-in-one device that can be used for many purposes.

It is important to note that Apple Watch cannot play music without the use of bluetooth headphones or earbuds. The device does not have any speakers. So to enjoy music with your watch, you will need to use either a wireless bluetooth headset or earbuds connected by cable. You will still be able to use your Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby. However, it won’t be able to answer calls or receive notifications. You can listen to music through Bluetooth headphones, though, by following these steps:

Step 1: Add songs to your playlist.

The designer bands for Apple Watch have different colors and styles that you can replace and use anytime. The watch itself has 8GB of storage space, and up to 2GB can be used to store music, which is about 500 songs. Start the Apple Watch app on your phone, then go to Music to get music on your Watch.

First, use the Playlist Limit setting to decide how many songs you want to sync. You can set a limit based on how much space you have or how many pieces you have. Once that’s done, you can pick the playlist you want to sync.

Just keep in mind that if the number of songs on the playlist goes over the limit you set, not all of them will make it. If you don’t want this to happen, make a playlist and use the Playlist Limit setting as a guide.

Now comes the hard part: waiting. Put your Watch on its charger and relax while it syncs your playlist. It takes time, so you might want to do this overnight.

Step 2: Pair the Watch with Bluetooth headphones.

You’ll have to use bluetooth headphones because the Watch doesn’t have a headphone jack. We’ve picked some of the best (and some of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones) for you here:

Put your headphones (or speakers) into pairing mode to connect the Watch to them. Then, go to the Settings app on the Watch and click on Bluetooth. Your headphones should show up. Just choose them from the list, and you’re good to go.

Step 3: Pick the source and press the “Play” button.

Once the music has synced with your Watch and headphones are in, the last step is to change the Music app as the Watch’s source for music.

Go to the Music app on the Watch. Force touch (tap and push on the screen) to see more options—select Source, followed by Apple Watch. You can listen to your favorite songs or podcasts on the go without having to lug around your phone or tablet. The following are some of the best Apple Watch apps for music lovers:

  • Spotify: With Spotify, you can access your favorite playlists and artists with just one tap. You can also control what’s playing on your wrist if you don’t have an iPhone.
  • Pandora Radio: With Pandora Radio, you’ll have access to millions of songs and personalized radio stations from the palm of your hand.
  • Apple Music: If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, this app is perfect for streaming all your favorite tunes from anywhere in the world.
  • Soundcloud: Stream any type of sound from Soundcloud on your wrist – whether it be podcasts, music, or talk shows – all.
Music RV Covers Office: Health Benefits Of Music

RV Covers Office: Health Benefits Of Music

Music has a powerful effect on the mind and body. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you hear your favorite music or see your favorite band live in concert?

Faster music can help you focus and feel more alert. Upbeat music can lift your spirits. A slower pace will help quiet your mind and relax your muscles so you can recover from the day. Music can help you relax and relieve stress.

Studies have shown that personal anecdotes are right when it comes to how music can impact your life. The brain synchronizes to the beat of the music at around 60bpm and generates alpha brainwaves. These alpha brainwaves occur when you are relaxed and alert.

adco rv covers

Some great health benefits of listening to music in adco rv covers office

Improved brain function

You need to keep your brain active to prevent the memory loss and reduced brain capacity that comes with aging. Memory loss is a natural process, but music can help you retain your memory longer. For example, learning a new musical instrument or playing new songs can create new pathways in your brain and stimulate new cells. This is overall better for you than many brain training games. So get out your instrument and teach yourself something new.

Helps you sleep better

A study of college students found that listening to soothing classical music before bed improves sleep quality. It has also been found that this activity is associated with a reduction in symptoms of depression.

Improves your mood

According to research, listening to upbeat music can improve mood, especially if you’re trying to improve your mood while listening to the music. There is also evidence that formal music therapy coupled with other medications may be helpful in treating depression.

Helps you relax

If you’re feeling jittery or agitated at work, listening to soothing music can help calm your nerves. More than one study has found that listening to calming music reduces blood pressure. It requires less pain medication in people undergoing surgery than when they don’t listen to calming music.

Just listening to music can lower blood pressure, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and lower heart rate. Music can also help you relax while designing adco rv covers. You can be able to produce an eye-catching design when you are relaxed.

Can help you move more

Put on your favorite tunes and see how infectious the beat can be. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to be more active, listening to your favorite music can get you in the mood. It gives you the impetus and motivation to move more.

Music What are the Spiritual Meanings Behind Music?

What are the Spiritual Meanings Behind Music?


The spiritual meanings behind music are not always explicit, but they can be found in the lyrics, the sounds of the instruments and the way they are played.

Music has been used for centuries as a form of prayer and worship. It is a way to unite with other people who share your beliefs. It is also a form of self-expression that allows you to explore different parts of yourself that you may not otherwise have access to.

The Inner Meaning and Symbolism Behind Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are often used as a symbol in music and movies. The meaning behind these symbols can be interpreted differently depending on the culture. For example, in Western cultures, a violin is often seen as a symbol of love because it is traditionally played at weddings. In Eastern cultures, drums are often seen as symbols of happiness because they usually accompany joyous occasions such as festivals or celebrations.

The symbolism behind musical instruments can change depending on the culture and can vary from instrument to instrument.

The Unexplored Spiritual Dimensions In The Music Industry And Their Connection To Humans

The music industry has been an integral part of the human experience for centuries. It is a form of art that transcends the time, culture and geographical boundaries. Music is a powerful medium that can be used to connect with one’s spirituality. The music industry has been evolving over time and it is clear that spirituality plays a significant role in this evolution.

Music has always been an important part of the human experience. It connects us to our feelings and emotions – it can be used as a form of therapy or as an escape from reality. There are many genres of music that have different associations with spirituality and they all have their own unique connection with humans. Music can be used to convey messages in order to educate people about religion or as a way to express oneself spiritually through lyrics, melody or rhythm. Learn more about 737 Angel Number meaning to know the deeper purpose of spirituality, inner-knowing, in connection to music.

Music Three Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Grow Your Music Career

Three Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Grow Your Music Career

Digital marketing has become essential for any musician looking to grow their music career. It can help you build your fanbase, increase ticket sales, and get more people interested in the music you create.

There are many different strategies that musicians can use to promote themselves, but some of the most popular methods are email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Social Media

Social media is an effective way for musicians to market themselves. You can use many different social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. A successful social media marketing plan will start with a clear understanding of the audience you want to target. This includes where they are located, their age group, interests, and content type they enjoy. A good social media marketing plan will include the following components:

  • Goals and objectives of your campaign
  • Audience demographics
  • Social media platforms to be used in the campaign
  • Content strategy for each platform
  • Timeline for each platform
  • Budgeting and resources required to execute the plan.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way for musicians to connect with their audience. It is free and easy to set up and allows you to send updates on your work or upcoming concerts. You can also create an email list of people who have signed up for your mailing list so that you have a list of people who are interested in what you do.

You can use email marketing for musicians in many different ways. It can promote your music, tour dates, merch, or any other event you are hosting. You can also use it to better collect data about your fans and their preferences to tailor your future content and offerings.

Content Marketing

The music industry is constantly changing. Content marketing is not just a tool to get ahead in the music industry. The content marketing strategy is one of the most powerful ways to get ahead in this industry and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Content marketing can be used for many different purposes, including:
  • Generating greater awareness for your brand or product
  • Creating more traffic to your site
  • Increasing conversions on your website or blog
  • Building trust with potential customers
  • Influencing customer behavior (e.g., purchase decisions)
  • Generating leads and sales opportunities
Music Understanding the YouTube Music

Understanding the YouTube Music


The video service’s $9.99 per month premium version, which was never made available in the UK, is ending, but its core values will continue to be upheld by two successors: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

These are not only intended to challenge the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer by operating as full-fledged, all-you-can-eat music streaming packages, but they will also provide YouTube Red’s benefits (mostly ad-free videos).

Confused? You won’t need to be; simply read our explanation to learn everything there is to know about the latest streaming platforms that you can even use to set up your own channel and buy views on youtube.

1) YouTube Music includes video as well

As might be expected from the largest video site in the world, YouTube Music places a greater emphasis on music videos than its rivals, but it is also built to serve as a clean audio service at the user’s discretion.

2) It might be the best personal DJ ever.

The makers of YouTube Music Premium appear to be most interested in getting new music into your ears, and more precisely, new music that you’ll like.

In addition to offering hundreds of themed playlists, the app’s personalized home screen will suggest music depending on your location or current activities as well as what you’ve already listened to.

3) Both the ad-supported and Premium versions are available.

Similar to Spotify, YouTube Music is free to use if you’re ready to put up with advertisements and a condensed feature set.

Nevertheless, YouTube Music Premium subscribers will benefit from ad-free streaming, offline playback downloads, and background listening (which means you won’t need to have the application open to listen, as you do right now).

4) Google Play Music subscribers can access it for free.

If you already have a Google Play Music account, what does this mean for you? With a ton more capabilities to experiment with and at no additional cost, is the reply.

Yes, current Play Music customers will have free access to YouTube Music Premium. But if the two were united at some point in the near future, we wouldn’t be shocked.


Music Confessions of Small Women: The Problem When Attending Concerts

Confessions of Small Women: The Problem When Attending Concerts

Not all women are blessed with the best height, and there are lots of women who are even shorter than five feet which can be frustrating in a lot of ways, especially in stand-up concerts. Concerts with seats are not a problem but one could enjoy the best of concerts when one gets the best seats. What Are The Best Seats To Get At A Concert?

Stand-up concerts can pose a lot of dilemmas for small women. Small women at concerts usually have two options: they can stand far back on a ledge – or they can stand in the middle of a fresh sweaty armpit without even seeing the lights on the stage. About a dilemma that can only be solved with imagination.

Going to concerts

When I go to a concert, I have two options. Either I stay pretty far back – where the seats are usually or some kind of elevation – or I get a full load of really fresh armpit sweat without even having seen the lights on stage. When I stand in the crowd, I don’t know afterward whether I’ve been sweating myself or whether my hair is so wet because someone above me was perspiring really hard. I’ve greeted a number of butts too close with my face and over the past twenty years have developed a game, not unlike the original Pong. I react at lightning speed to elbows snapping backward, which I elegantly deflect with the palms of my hands just before they reach my nose. Nice, can hear music.

Almost everyone at concerts is taller than me. And they are always in front of me. If they’re not in front of me, I’ll be in the front and then they’ll press my chest against the barrier from behind so hard that I not only can’t see anything, I can’t hear the music either because I’m either fainting or with the paramedics am. Sometimes I wish I had the power of Eleven from Stranger Things. I would then just shove everyone in front of me aside with a nod of the head and I would have a clear view of the stage. But then the mood would certainly be a bit clouded and I wouldn’t feel like that either. I’m not complaining. Where should the others stand? Someone is always in front of me. Oddly enough, often the one who is over two meters tall, but that doesn’t bother me anymore.

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The little woman needs a lot of imagination at concerts

It’s enough for me to hear the music live. I have a lot of imagination. I must have a lot of imagination. Sometimes, without being asked, people prompt me about the events: “She’s standing on the far right now and waving. No, wait, now she’s tearing off her long skirt, wow! And now she’s going back to the microphone stand.” It’s a bit like having a live audio description with me and unfortunately, that doesn’t make the concert experience any nicer because I can’t concentrate on the music anymore.

Promise me one thing: Next time you go to a concert, use an effective deodorant. Take a look around and see who’s standing next to and behind you. Don’t dance with your elbows like you have the spirit of Ian Curtis in you. Just believe me that concerts can be fun even without a view of the stage if everyone shows a bit of consideration. And rather buy me a beer than try to take me on your shoulders.

Music The Best Songs According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Songs According To Your Zodiac Sign

Woman listening to music


We all know that zodiac signs can say a lot about our personality and our lives. And since music often doesn’t play an insignificant role in it, we’ll tell you which song best suits your zodiac sign.

Which type of man suits your zodiac sign?

Who isn’t looking for the perfect song that simply combines everything that is important to you in life? In these songs you will certainly find a bit of yourself and your attitude to life.


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1. Aquarius: “Life Of The Party” by Shawn Mendes

You are innovative and love your independence. As a true individualist, you don’t care what other people think of you. Above all, do not want to be ordinary.

2. Pisces: “High Hopes” by Kodaline

Those born in the zodiac sign Pisces are prone to daydreams and fantasies, which unfortunately often fail due to the harsh reality. Nevertheless, the fun-loving fish always keep hope, which is why “High Hopes” is the perfect song for them.

3. Aries: “Cinematic Lifestyle” by Hudson Taylor

You are an open and honest person who always looks ahead. Just as sung about in “Cinematic Lifestyle”, you love spontaneity and like to live a bit dangerously.

4. Taurus: “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson

You often want to put your head through the wall, have a lot of energy and love a luxurious lifestyle. You lead a “Lush Life” and enjoy life to the fullest.

5. Gemini: “Torn Apart” by Bastille

As is well known, twins have two faces and love variety. They just want everything at once and love to explore the world. That’s why they often see themselves “Torn Apart” between all the things they would like to do.

6. Cancer: “Lay It All On Me” by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran

The good-natured crabs love their friends and family and are very caring. They like to take care of the problems of others and are usually at their side with help and advice.

7. Leo: “This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry

As someone with the Midheaven in Leo, you love to be the center of attention and go to parties of all kinds – just like in Katy Perry’s song, in which she celebrates the wild nightlife.

8. Virgo: “Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen

You are a strong personality, astute, and want to move up the career ladder. Since you sometimes get obstacles in the way, you can fully identify with the Lily Allen song.

9. Libra: “People Help The People” by Birdy

As a true do-gooder, you love harmony and justice and join in loudly when Birdy calls on people to show more solidarity.

10. Scorpio: “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Often you take a hard line with others and are not afraid of confrontation. That’s why “Bad Blood” suits you so well. If someone really gets on your nerves, you show them where to go, just like Taylor does.

11. Sagittarius: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

You are open and love your freedom. Philosophy and religion inspire you. That’s why “Take me to church” suits you so well! It critically questions religious views on the subject of homosexuality. Perfect for you, as you are not afraid to put social norms to the test.

12. Capricorn: “Turning Tables” by Adele

The Capricorn is solid in every way and a rather realistic person. He is not enthusiastic about daydreams. That’s why he sometimes finds it difficult to get involved with other people. Adele sings to Capricorn from the soul when she says: “I won’t let you close enough to hurt me.”

Music The Importance of Featuring Singers in Your Radio Livestream

The Importance of Featuring Singers in Your Radio Livestream

If you have an online radio station, do you also have livestream? If not, maybe it’s time you started one. There are a lot of benefits to livestreaming your radio station as an online video feed and making it accessible as a website, blog or video station.

If you’re thinking about starting a livestream for your radio station and aren’t sure where to begin, keep reading for some useful insights into why you should start featuring singers in your livestream.

Build Audience and Feedback

One of the great reasons to start featuring singers in your livestream is that it’s a great way to build audience and feedback. If you want to build your station, you need to have an audience, and this is one of the easiest ways to cultivate one.

When you start featuring regular singers on your livestream, you’re cultivating an audience of people who want to be a part of that. They’ll want to continue to come back to your station to see the next singer and the one after that.

Keep Your Station Current

Another great benefit of featuring singers in your livestream is that it’s a great way to keep your station current. When you broadcast your online radio station, you want it to sound dynamic, you want it to sound current, and you want it to sound interesting.

If you want your station to succeed, you need to make sure it doesn’t sound dated. You need to think about the present and the future as well as the past. You can also buy a house from Charlottesville area realtors if you’re just starting livestreaming since it’ll also help the singers feel more comfortable and make their voices sound better.

Increase Advertising Revenue

Another great benefit of featuring singers in your livestream is that it’s a great way to increase advertising revenue. When you stream your radio station online, you can feature ads on your livestream. This is a great way to increase revenue from advertising.

If you can get more people to see your ads, you can make a lot more money from them. When you have singers featured on your livestream, you have a captive audience.

Music Music And Its Effect On Video Gaming

Music And Its Effect On Video Gaming

Songs and melodies, but also tones and sounds from everyday life influence your senses, behavior and feelings. Manufacturers also use music for their purposes in the gaming sector. They use them to improve users’ gaming experience and to make computer games more attractive. Music is also widely used in League of Legends video games and other related sites.

But how does that work? Some computer games create true miracles with their music. The game completely captivates consumers. What is certain is that psychological factors play an important role in the impact of music in films and in gaming.

A study has proven that music has a performance-enhancing effect on your bodies. The scientists provided concrete facts and figures that prove this fact. Tempo and rhythm of music have positive effects on your body’s performance, endurance, coordination and pain perception. The achieved performance increases even more when the song arouses emotions or is linked to memories of a specific event. This increases motivation.

Games with music are more popular

A study found that games that are accompanied by music resonate better with gamers. Players rate the gaming experience more positively when there is music playing in a computer game. In one test, a group of gamers played games like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag with music, while the other group played the same game without music. The group that played the game with music was 15 percent more popular than the others.

LoL rank

Music and immersion

An important role in the evaluation of computer games is the immersion factor. This means how well the player can empathize with the game and the game world. The most popular games are those where the player transports himself to another world. The most successful games are those that give the player the feeling that they are no longer sitting at their home PC but on Treasure Island in the Caribbean. Music helps reinforce this immersion. People who play computer games with music find it easier to immerse themselves in the game world.

Music and other effects in the gaming area

The style of music used in the games has an impact on performance. Overall, it can be said that music has a memory-supporting effect, even when gaming. It is also claimed that music promotes self-esteem processes when playing. The appropriate music improves the player’s responsiveness.

Whether in racing or sports games, adventure or action games, the effect of music on the various levels of gaming is enormous and significantly influences the gaming experience. It increases performance and effectiveness and enhances immersion, creates excitement and supports the positive experience of the game.

Music Musicians and Their Need for Special Storage Spaces

Musicians and Their Need for Special Storage Spaces

Musicians are of different types but have the same need for a storage facility in which to keep instruments and equipment free from harmful weather elements. Some music artists even optimize a large storage unit by using it as a rehearsal space; avoiding complaints coming from neighbors who can’t stand the blare and heart-pounding effects of loud music. Depending on your need or request, there are state-of-the-art storage facilities that also offer sound-proof space and make it suitable for bands or deejays that need a place to practice in private.
Musicians who are often on the road usually arrive at their home base during unholy hours. Instead of unloading and depositing musical instruments and equipment in a residential building, using a storage facility dedicated for musicians is less problematic even if you and your band rack up a lot of noise.

However, not all storage facilities can be accessed at any time of the day. If it’s important to you, use a storage facility that allows 24/7 access 7 days a week in all 12 months of the year. Some of these types of storage are usually offered as additional service by a recording studio. Some others are providers of man and van services that additionally offer storage units for specific equipment, furniture or instruments.

Horsham: Home to The Finest Storage Spaces for All Types of Customers

The finest music storage units for rent are available in Horsham, a town in West Sussex that was recently named one of the best places to live in the UK. Actually, many city dwellers who decided to relocate in the countryside found of their homes in Horsham. The town garnered high scores for having high life expectancy, higher than average salaries, which in turn produced outstanding happiness and health scores.
Here you can find a Henfield Storage facility that distinguishes units according to the purpose by which you need a holding space for your important belongings. Your purpose may be for personal, for household or for business reasons. A unit can be as small as a 10 square feet locker or as big as a 40 square feet room with large vehicle access. Smaller facilities come in a range of between 20 to 35 square feet storage rooms with 24-hour CCTV coverage and accessible parking space.
The great thing about choosing a Henfield storage is that it offers man and van free pick up services worth GBP 250, to customers who prepay upfront for a 3-month storage service, That’s not all, because renting a Henfield storage in Horsham also comes with discounts in addition to the free pick up services if a customer prepays anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

Music Brian May: The Queen Guitarist Is Now 75

Brian May: The Queen Guitarist Is Now 75

image source: Wikimedia Commons

Brian May chose his music career to be the guitarist of the band, Queen over his academics. His choice made him a Guitar Legend.

The musician wears a protective mask and is surrounded by security personnel. He is seen waving to fans in the short clip and keeping his distance on tour as per the self-imposed Corona rules. “Being alone like this is almost unbearable,” Brian says. “I’m struggling to find the kind of human contact we all crave.”

Brian May turned 75 on July 19. Despite his age, he’s been on a string of concerts with his longtime bandmates, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert (drummer and singer respectively). The “Rhapsody Tour” which will be going all around Europe until the end of July is also coming back for ten sold-out shows in London’s o2 arena. May expressed a mix of both enthusiasms for the Queen fans and his displeasure for certain aspects of the concerts.

“I think it’s been a really good tour so far,” he said. “I think it’s been a very entertaining tour for the audience and I’m very pleased about that.” In contrast, May expressed concern for how the singers are being treated: “It is not as pleasant sometimes but as long as we’re getting up there and doing something for somebody, then we’re happy.” He said the experience has been very rewarding for him. “It’s been a really incredible year and I’m really proud of what we’ve got up to. I think that our fans have had as much of an influence on what we’ve done as anybody else, so they are at the center of this tour.”

Traveling with Adam Lambert for ten years

Queen’s history is as dramatic and captivating as its music. The band has weathered many storms, but the most tumultuous point in its existence came after the death of one of its founding members, Freddie Mercury, in 1991. It was more than a decade before May and Taylor performed under the Queen’s name again. Watch Freddie Mercury’s documentary on Netflix. You can also watch movies on uwatchfree if you are looking for documentaries about the band, Queen.

Brian made a guest appearance on American Idol in 2009 and then collaborated with Adam Lambert. Lambert came in second on the TV show but he definitely captured the attention of May and Taylor. Since then, Queen and Lambert teamed up and appeared on music tours for a decade.

With a sound that has come to be known as “Celtic rock,” Queen is one of the most successful bands in the world. The band was formed in 1970 from the Band that May had been playing with while studying. Brian Harold May studied mathematics and physics at Imperial College London before he actually decided to go full-time with his music career.

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PhD in Astrophysics

Brian May is a musician, but he has always been passionate about natural sciences. He finished his thesis for doctorate degree after more than three decades. In the early 1990s, from Imperial College London. The founder of the band Queen is known for his work on electric guitars and lead vocals. But he has also made contributions to fields like astrophysics and medicine. He co-authored a science book in 2009 called “Physics for Musicians,” which focuses on guitar lessons with physics models.

Music Music Industry Is Adapting To Social Media

Music Industry Is Adapting To Social Media

A live concert, an appearance on TV or on the radio, there are many stages in a musician’s world that he may tread. But a very special one has been added in recent years, that of social media. It promises a more exclusive closeness between the artists and the public. But behind it seems to be not just a social act, but a marketing strategy that has become a must for the music industry.

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, all these platforms allow you to share life with other people virtually. The influence of the music industry has increased significantly on social networks.

buy Instagram followers

More followers, better chances

The social networks and the music industry seem to be intertwined and benefit mainly from an economic point of view. Artists not only tease their new songs or concerts at a high level, but they also rely on non-musical content. Singer Beyoncé is among the highest-followed accounts on Instagram along with fellow musicians Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

In cooperation with Adidas, the singer founded a new sports brand called “Ivy Park” in 2016. She is not alone in this. The American musician Rihanna uses her social media channels to actively advertise her new cosmetic series.

Whether for music or a cosmetic product, you can buy Instagram followers and attract more attention. Also, you attract more potential buyers and get your loyal fans to let their own cash register ring. However, this requires regular content, which is served to the public on a silver platter. Both private and business content serves to keep followers in a buying mood.

Social media time out

Despite the huge success that many musicians are experiencing in the digital age, they also occasionally take a break from the social media stage.

What works as marketing requires artists to have a constant presence on the internet, and it’s understandable that this can be tiring. Even the successful singer Adele does not bow to the social media madness. The singer stated in an interview that she doesn’t have access to her Twitter account and that she’s glad she doesn’t have to manage it herself.

The music industry has found its ways to remain successful in the age of digitization. The concentration of self-marketing via social media channels is a new marketing strategy that is constantly changing. Musicians who run their social media channels themselves experience a compulsion to be available and to deliver anywhere and anytime. So it doesn’t seem wrong to hand over this task to management or to treat yourself to a social media break.

Music Why Is Website Helpful For Musicians & Bands

Why Is Website Helpful For Musicians & Bands

Anyone who makes music has no thought for programming and certainly not for their own website. But that’s exactly what’s important to make your own band better known and to carry your own music out into the world. The reason why many musicians have avoided it so far is fear. It’s the fear of being overwhelmed with the design. They fear ending up spending too much time on the web instead of making music and nurturing your talents. But don’t worry, it’s easy to create your own website with the help of tech experts.

The right template brings the music to the web

With CMS and HTML, your head is spinning and you’d rather get back to the drums. Stay cool, you can safely do without all these complete programming processes. If you use website templates from a modular system, you only need content, the provider takes care of the rest.

What you need is your music, videos from the last gig, and lyrics introducing you and your bandmates.

Then get on the PC.  The faster your homepage is up, the easier it will be for you to find the necessary customers who want to book your band for their next event.


The great advantages of having your own website

Music spreads like wildfire across the web. Social media, in particular, is all the rage. But how are your fans supposed to share your videos and your songs if there is no link leading to you? You can logically upload videos to YouTube and hope that you somehow get clicks. But you can also forget it right away because YouTube is overrun with artists.  You will not reach anyone here apart from your fans.

But if your fans and groupies know where you upload your music and where you can maybe even be booked, then they will link your website. They will put it on the social network. You will be surprised how quickly everyone is talking about your new hit.

A website is the basis for marketing

50 years ago you simply stuck a poster on the advertising pillar and whoever was up for it came to your next gig. This no longer works so easily today, because people plan their free time online. If you want to party with friends and listen to music, you can check Instagram to see what’s going on in your own city. The possibilities of marketing today are much more complex than just a small advertisement in the newspaper or a picture on an electrical box.

Music 10 Songs About the Spring Season

10 Songs About the Spring Season

Spring Time


Hooray, spring is breaking loose! All the more reason to go back into nature, work in the garden to see blooming flowers or just enjoy the sun on your face on a cozy terrace. And of course, that spring atmosphere includes delicious spring music!

We list the most beautiful spring songs for you, from number 10 to number 1:

#10 It’s always spring – Peter the King

Spring rhymes with the dental assistant. And on the patient. Peter de Koning set to work with this fact and scored his first and last hit with the fruit of his work in 1995. A cozy and cheerful song that stays in your head. The great melody to whistle during a bike ride through the budding nature!

#9 Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

“Morning Has Broken” breathes the atmosphere of the seventies but the original dates back to 1931 and the melody is even older. Cat Stevens (who later converted to Islam and now goes through life as Yusuf Islam) scored a world hit with it in 1972. Sweet and juicy? Yes! But why not?

#8 Turkish Delight theme – Toots Thielemans

A carefree Rutger Hauer on a bicycle with Monique van de Ven on the luggage carrier, newly married and swinging through the city centre of Amsterdam, who doesn’t know that image? It is an iconic scene from the film classic Turks Fruit by Paul Verhoeven and based on the book by Jan Wolkers. But it is the music of Rogier van Otterloo, beautifully whistled by Jean ‘Toots’ Thielemans that makes the scene really perfect!

7# Spring is Here – Frank Sinatra

Spring is not always the occasion for a cheerful song. In “Spring is Here” by the duo Rodgers and Hart it is about heartbreak. Originally for the musical “I Married An Angel” (1938) but immortal because of this rendition of Frank Sinatra, who with this album “Only The Lonely” (1958) proved to be much more than a seasoned crooner. Wonderful!

6# Peach Blossom – Eels

“Open the window man and smell the Peach Blossom, the Tiger Lily, the Marigold!” This song by the alternative rock band Eels from the album “Wonderful, Glorious” from 2013 may not have been a world hit, but the lyrics and the fat guitars give you that nice spring feeling!


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#5 April in Paris – Ella Fitzgerald

Terrace under the lime trees, croissant, café au lait. It’s all possible again in the spring! In this jazz standard by Vernon Duke (real name: Vladimir Dukelski) Paris is sung in April as a love city par excellence. Countless jazz greats have put this song on the record, but no one as good as the queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald!

#4 Blackbird – Paul McCartney

On the Beatles’ untitled white double lp or ‘White Album’ “Blackbird” is listed as a Lennon-McCartney composition, but in reality, the song is of course written by Paul McCartney alone. Since the seventies, this equally brilliant and simple ballad about a blackbird (with political undertones) has been an absolute crowd favorite at the ex-Beatle’s concerts.

#3 Cherry Blossom Girl – Air

“Cherry Blossom Girl” dates from 2004 and is a nice quiet spring tune by the French electropop duo Air. It comes from the album Talkie Walkie and was a modest hit in our country at the time. Just a nice piece of music, with that flute.

2# The Time of the Season – The Zombies

The bass line, the organ… even with the recognizable opening bars of “The Times of the Season” you know it immediately: this song is from the late sixties. Although the band The Zombies fell apart shortly after the release of the single with a banging argument, the lyrics of the song perfectly matched the zeitgeist of the summer of ’68, The Summer of Love.

#1 Here comes the Sun – The Beatles

No list is complete without The Beatles. “Here comes the Sun” from the 1968 album Abbey Road and written by ‘the silent Beatle’ George Harrison is a beautiful ode to the beginning of spring. Harrison’s friend Eric Clapton commented on the song’s genesis: “It was such a beautiful spring morning, I believe somewhere in April. We were sitting in the garden with our guitars and George started singing the opening lines of Here Comes the Sun. I sat there and watched the song come to life.”

Music Why You shouldn’t Do a Full Volume of a Radio Music while Towing a Car?

Why You shouldn’t Do a Full Volume of a Radio Music while Towing a Car?

You might have probably read or heard that you should not listen to music while driving. However, if you are a frequent driver, what’s the point of not listening to music? Consequently, most drivers play their favorite radio songs while they drive.

Reasons Why You shouldn’t Listen to Loud Radio while Towing

It is a common belief that listening to music while driving helps reduce stress and improves your concentration. But, is it safe to listen to loud music while driving? In this blog post we will tell you why you shouldn’t do a full volume of a radio music while towing a car.

Your Concentration might be Compromise

We know that listening to loud music while driving can badly affect your hearing. However, is it only that? Or does loud music have any effect on your driving as well? When you listen to loud music while driving, it is going to be very difficult for you to concentrate on your driving. You will be completely immersed in the loud music and may not be able to hear any sounds that come from outside your vehicle.

This can cause a serious accident. You may not even notice the sound of an ambulance or a police car. If you are listening to loud music while driving, you are putting yourself and other road users at a risk of suffering an accident.

It can cause Acoustic Shock

When you listen to loud music while driving, you are putting yourself at a risk of suffering from a condition called ‘Acoustic Shock’. Acoustic shock is a sudden and excessive pressure on your eardrums and hearing organs which may cause permanent damage to your hearing. In other words, it is the effect of sound waves on the human body.

Hearing Protection for Better Safety

While the above facts may make you think that you should avoid listening to music while driving, you can use hearing protection devices while driving. Hearing protection devices are devices that are used to reduce the intensity of the noise that you hear.

You might see the employees of towing company San Jose using those hearing protection devices because they help to protect their hearing from loud noises.