Three Ways in Which Radio Helps Musicians

Three Ways in Which Radio Helps Musicians

It’s no secret that the music business is always in a state of flux, and neither is radio’s function as a musical transmission medium. There has never been a better time to take advantage of what radio shows have to offer because of the way they facilitate interaction through promotion, exclusivity, and curation.

The Possibility of Being Exposed

Studies reveal that AM/FM radio has the most reach of all media outlets, having 93 percentageĀ points of people listening. Even more striking, 93% of the Z-Generation report listening to the radio at least 10 hours per week. Listening to the radio is a convenient, versatile, and comfortable experience.

The Exclusivity

Technology advances on a regular basis have made it easier for anyone to create and distribute their own music. As a result, it’s more competitive than it’s ever been for musicians to have their work recognized in what is undoubtedly the most musically diverse and prolific era in history.

Industry Credibility is Built via Curation, Brands, and Advertising

An artist can build brand credibility in the music world by curating and presenting high-quality events to a specified target audience regularly. Everyone can make a playlist and upload it to services like Spotify or Soundcloud.