9 Ways Radio Stations Can Leverage Instagram

9 Ways Radio Stations Can Leverage Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms worldwide and is a great channel to buy followers through pages. Radio stations can also address their target groups particularly well here. And if you follow the following 9 tips, you can quickly generate followers for your content.

Find your own style

You should not post everything that comes randomly in front of your lens during the day. Here, a clear positioning of which content should be posted helps. Thus, even potential followers quickly know what to expect from a profile and whether they are interested.

Pay attention to quality

Instagram is about aesthetics. Therefore, always make sure that every photo is sharp. And in any case, use the alignment tool directly in the app. This allows the orientation of the photographed subject to be changed, which makes your own feed more varied and interesting.

The background also counts

Always pay attention to the background of the images. The colors should basically harmonize with each other. A strict strategy on which colors can be used in the Instagram feed also makes sense.

The right light

Every picture becomes more beautiful when you use natural light. Also, play with the focus of the phone camera by tapping the screen. This optimizes automatic exposure.

Default square

Instagram photos don’t always have to be square. Many apps help to crop a rectangular image afterward, such “Afterlight” or “InstaSize”.


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Filter only when necessary

Here, too, there are different approaches. You can decide to basically use a filter. This quickly results in a uniform-looking profile. Or you can decide to use a filter only when necessary. When editing images, however, you should not only use the pre-installed standard filters on Instagram. There are many separate photo editing apps like “VSCO Cam” that offer a wider range of editing.

Set hashtags

Very important: Don’t forget the hashtags. The most popular hashtags worldwide can be found on the tagsforlife website.

The right time

The right time is also important on Instagram. It should be when your followers are most active. Basically, one can say that in Germany in the morning between 6 and 9 o’clock and in the evening between 19 and 22 o’clock posted pictures are most successful. But just give it a try and use the experience for your account.


You want to build a network? This only works by interacting with other Instagrammers. Like, follow accounts, and comment on pictures. If someone comments on you, be sure to reply, and if someone likes your photo, like it back. So you will gain new followers in a short time.

If you don’t have an Instagram presence yet, sign up, and off you go!