Use Alexa to Listen to a Specific Radio Station

Use Alexa to Listen to a Specific Radio Station

You no longer have to spend an eternity turning the knob on your radio to find your preferred channel. Your reliable virtual assistant, Alexa, makes it easy to tune in to certain radio stations. The following steps will transform your smart speaker into a one-of-a-kind radio receiver:

Locating Your Train

Alexa is preloaded with a basic set of radio channels that you can easily access. Say to Alexa, “Alexa, play [state your station name]” to have the voice-activated streaming media player begin playing the requested station.

Level Up Your Radio Skills

Unlock more options by enabling radio skills. Some of the more popular choices are iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and myTuner Radio. Get these skills by searching for them in the Alexa app, then enable them and connect your accounts if necessary. Next, you can make use of voice commands such as “Alexa, ask iHeartRadio to play WNYC” or “Alexa, play BBC Radio 1 on TuneIn.”

Upgrades Beyond the Basics

Listening to local stations is important, so is your location. Of course! Using your address, some radio skills, such as, may find nearby stations automatically.

A Dash of Variety

Ready for some excitement? Most radio talents allow you to explore a wide variety of international radio stations. With just the sound of your voice, you may access a world of languages’ worth of music, news, and talk shows.


Alexa makes it possible to finally put down the remote and cease the days of mindless channel surfing. Alexa makes it possible to listen to any kind of radio station in the world, whether you’re craving the local news or just want to hear about something interesting that happened somewhere else. Ask Alexa to play the role of radio butler the next time you want to listen to music or news as you relax.