Cabinetry: Music Styles That Boost Drive

Cabinetry: Music Styles That Boost Drive

Music is not just music and some songs stimulate your cognitive abilities more than others. Whether gaming soundtrack or nature sounds – there is something for everyone.

Listening to music at work can increase your productivity tremendously. You are more attentive, more focused, and also more motivated. Also, music is definitely a source of inspiration for creative processes when designing kitchen cabinets in Highland Cabinetry office.

Soothing natural sounds without distracting you

The natural sounds of waves or a walk through the forest drown out annoying background noise and the conversations of others without being disturbing. After all, there are no lyrics. Music created from natural sounds increases your concentration and work efficiency. In addition, you feel happier through hearing and have a more positive attitude towards work. Furthermore, nature sounds have a relaxing effect. The only thing you should avoid is shrill noises made by animals, such as birds singing.

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Music with specific beats indicates the working beat

Some researchers believe that the type of music doesn’t matter as long as it has a certain rhythm. Above all, 50 or 80 beats per minute are ideal for learning, but also promote creativity. In collaboration with Spotify, Dr. Emma Gray found that when you listen to this music you slip into alpha status. The cognitive behavior expert explains that when you are awake, your brains are in a “beta phase”, on constant alert. This also makes you more prone to distractions. However, music at 50 or 80 beats per minute slows down your mind and makes them more receptive.

Of course, the classics should not be missing

The so-called Mozart effect, which states that classical music improves cognitive abilities, is quite controversial among scientists. However, there are enough studies that prove just that. Brain activity should be increased and even health should be positively influenced. In addition, there is also the advantage that the classics have no lyrics. In particular, music from the Baroque period is recommended, since its rhythm contributes to increased concentration and performance.

You can’t beat your taste in music

Admittedly, this point causes heated debates. One party thinks that listening to your favorite songs while working is more of a hindrance. You end up bobbing or humming along and get distracted. The other party, on the other hand, is convinced that your own taste in music can increase your performance. A study by the University of Miami showed that subjects who listened to their favorite songs completed their tasks faster. In addition, your mood will automatically be lifted by the familiar sounds of your playlist. Thus, motivation and endurance are improved and you can face up to even agonizing tasks.