10 Songs About the Spring Season

10 Songs About the Spring Season

Spring Time


Hooray, spring is breaking loose! All the more reason to go back into nature, work in the garden to see blooming flowers or just enjoy the sun on your face on a cozy terrace. And of course, that spring atmosphere includes delicious spring music!

We list the most beautiful spring songs for you, from number 10 to number 1:

#10 It’s always spring – Peter the King

Spring rhymes with the dental assistant. And on the patient. Peter de Koning set to work with this fact and scored his first and last hit with the fruit of his work in 1995. A cozy and cheerful song that stays in your head. The great melody to whistle during a bike ride through the budding nature!

#9 Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

“Morning Has Broken” breathes the atmosphere of the seventies but the original dates back to 1931 and the melody is even older. Cat Stevens (who later converted to Islam and now goes through life as Yusuf Islam) scored a world hit with it in 1972. Sweet and juicy? Yes! But why not?

#8 Turkish Delight theme – Toots Thielemans

A carefree Rutger Hauer on a bicycle with Monique van de Ven on the luggage carrier, newly married and swinging through the city centre of Amsterdam, who doesn’t know that image? It is an iconic scene from the film classic Turks Fruit by Paul Verhoeven and based on the book by Jan Wolkers. But it is the music of Rogier van Otterloo, beautifully whistled by Jean ‘Toots’ Thielemans that makes the scene really perfect!

7# Spring is Here – Frank Sinatra

Spring is not always the occasion for a cheerful song. In “Spring is Here” by the duo Rodgers and Hart it is about heartbreak. Originally for the musical “I Married An Angel” (1938) but immortal because of this rendition of Frank Sinatra, who with this album “Only The Lonely” (1958) proved to be much more than a seasoned crooner. Wonderful!

6# Peach Blossom – Eels

“Open the window man and smell the Peach Blossom, the Tiger Lily, the Marigold!” This song by the alternative rock band Eels from the album “Wonderful, Glorious” from 2013 may not have been a world hit, but the lyrics and the fat guitars give you that nice spring feeling!


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#5 April in Paris – Ella Fitzgerald

Terrace under the lime trees, croissant, café au lait. It’s all possible again in the spring! In this jazz standard by Vernon Duke (real name: Vladimir Dukelski) Paris is sung in April as a love city par excellence. Countless jazz greats have put this song on the record, but no one as good as the queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald!

#4 Blackbird – Paul McCartney

On the Beatles’ untitled white double lp or ‘White Album’ “Blackbird” is listed as a Lennon-McCartney composition, but in reality, the song is of course written by Paul McCartney alone. Since the seventies, this equally brilliant and simple ballad about a blackbird (with political undertones) has been an absolute crowd favorite at the ex-Beatle’s concerts.

#3 Cherry Blossom Girl – Air

“Cherry Blossom Girl” dates from 2004 and is a nice quiet spring tune by the French electropop duo Air. It comes from the album Talkie Walkie and was a modest hit in our country at the time. Just a nice piece of music, with that flute.

2# The Time of the Season – The Zombies

The bass line, the organ… even with the recognizable opening bars of “The Times of the Season” you know it immediately: this song is from the late sixties. Although the band The Zombies fell apart shortly after the release of the single with a banging argument, the lyrics of the song perfectly matched the zeitgeist of the summer of ’68, The Summer of Love.

#1 Here comes the Sun – The Beatles

No list is complete without The Beatles. “Here comes the Sun” from the 1968 album Abbey Road and written by ‘the silent Beatle’ George Harrison is a beautiful ode to the beginning of spring. Harrison’s friend Eric Clapton commented on the song’s genesis: “It was such a beautiful spring morning, I believe somewhere in April. We were sitting in the garden with our guitars and George started singing the opening lines of Here Comes the Sun. I sat there and watched the song come to life.”