Why Is Website Helpful For Musicians & Bands

Why Is Website Helpful For Musicians & Bands

Anyone who makes music has no thought for programming and certainly not for their own website. But that’s exactly what’s important to make your own band better known and to carry your own music out into the world. The reason why many musicians have avoided it so far is fear. It’s the fear of being overwhelmed with the design. They fear ending up spending too much time on the web instead of making music and nurturing your talents. But don’t worry, it’s easy to create your own website with the help of tech experts.

The right template brings the music to the web

With CMS and HTML, your head is spinning and you’d rather get back to the drums. Stay cool, you can safely do without all these complete programming processes. If you use website templates from a modular system, you only need content, the provider takes care of the rest.

What you need is your music, videos from the last gig, and lyrics introducing you and your bandmates.

Then get on the PC.  The faster your homepage is up, the easier it will be for you to find the necessary customers who want to book your band for their next event.


The great advantages of having your own website

Music spreads like wildfire across the web. Social media, in particular, is all the rage. But how are your fans supposed to share your videos and your songs if there is no link leading to you? You can logically upload videos to YouTube and hope that you somehow get clicks. But you can also forget it right away because YouTube is overrun with artists.  You will not reach anyone here apart from your fans.

But if your fans and groupies know where you upload your music and where you can maybe even be booked, then they will link your website. They will put it on the social network. You will be surprised how quickly everyone is talking about your new hit.

A website is the basis for marketing

50 years ago you simply stuck a poster on the advertising pillar and whoever was up for it came to your next gig. This no longer works so easily today, because people plan their free time online. If you want to party with friends and listen to music, you can check Instagram to see what’s going on in your own city. The possibilities of marketing today are much more complex than just a small advertisement in the newspaper or a picture on an electrical box.