Music Industry Is Adapting To Social Media

Music Industry Is Adapting To Social Media

A live concert, an appearance on TV or on the radio, there are many stages in a musician’s world that he may tread. But a very special one has been added in recent years, that of social media. It promises a more exclusive closeness between the artists and the public. But behind it seems to be not just a social act, but a marketing strategy that has become a must for the music industry.

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, all these platforms allow you to share life with other people virtually. The influence of the music industry has increased significantly on social networks.

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More followers, better chances

The social networks and the music industry seem to be intertwined and benefit mainly from an economic point of view. Artists not only tease their new songs or concerts at a high level, but they also rely on non-musical content. Singer Beyoncé is among the highest-followed accounts on Instagram along with fellow musicians Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

In cooperation with Adidas, the singer founded a new sports brand called “Ivy Park” in 2016. She is not alone in this. The American musician Rihanna uses her social media channels to actively advertise her new cosmetic series.

Whether for music or a cosmetic product, you can buy Instagram followers and attract more attention. Also, you attract more potential buyers and get your loyal fans to let their own cash register ring. However, this requires regular content, which is served to the public on a silver platter. Both private and business content serves to keep followers in a buying mood.

Social media time out

Despite the huge success that many musicians are experiencing in the digital age, they also occasionally take a break from the social media stage.

What works as marketing requires artists to have a constant presence on the internet, and it’s understandable that this can be tiring. Even the successful singer Adele does not bow to the social media madness. The singer stated in an interview that she doesn’t have access to her Twitter account and that she’s glad she doesn’t have to manage it herself.

The music industry has found its ways to remain successful in the age of digitization. The concentration of self-marketing via social media channels is a new marketing strategy that is constantly changing. Musicians who run their social media channels themselves experience a compulsion to be available and to deliver anywhere and anytime. So it doesn’t seem wrong to hand over this task to management or to treat yourself to a social media break.