Doing Chores More Effectively with Music

Doing Chores More Effectively with Music

House cleaners having fun with music while cleaning


Headphones on, music on and we go for it! Do you also enjoy nice music during your working day? Then you are not alone, because many people feel more active and happier when they listen to music during their work. Household chores such as sofa cleaning are also easier with a good playlist in the background. In fact, research shows that people actually become more productive from music. As many as 90% of employees experience the positive effects of music. So it is worthwhile to motivate yourself with good music. How does that actually work?

Music and your body

We don’t always think about it, but music has a lot of influence on our bodies. This is mainly due to the production of dopamine. This is the substance that makes us feel happy. Dopamine is mainly produced when you listen to music that you like. So your favorite artists make you feel good. This happiness translates to your work. Dopamine makes you feel safe, giving you more time and attention for your daily tasks. Your worries fade into the background and you can endure even the most difficult working days. Also not entirely unimportant: music in the workplace ensures that the atmosphere becomes better. It is therefore also good for the relationship you have with your colleagues.

Other benefits of music

Music doesn’t just make you feel happy. There are also other ways a playlist can help you get started. This filters annoying background noise. Do you quickly get annoyed by tapping keyboards, chewing colleagues or the hustle and bustle of the street? Put on your favorite music and you won’t hear anything about it anymore. Just make sure you don’t turn up your music to more than 70 decibels. This is the limit at which background music can become a disturbing factor.


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Choosing the right music

The effects of music are not always the same. The genre can determine how you feel, so it’s important to put together a good playlist. Are you mainly looking for energy and do you want to improve your mood? Then listen to your favorite artists. Especially pop music does well because the cheerful rhythm ensures that you get to work enthusiastically. Are you looking for some extra concentration? Then you have to listen to instrumental music. Scientists have found that classical music, soundtracks, and lounge music increase your concentration. This is because they are not too present, which makes it less easy to get distracted. Whatever you do, find the music you like to listen to. That always makes the working day more fun.