Why Listening To Music Is Good For You

Why Listening To Music Is Good For You

Conscious listening to music not only makes everyday life more beautiful, but it can also even help you get healthy. If you want to listen to an audio file anytime without any interruption, a youtube to mp3 can convert YouTube videos into mp3. With this tool, you can create a playlist of your favorite music in an mp3 file.

What happens to you when you listen to music?

Anyone who consciously listens to music and, above all, listens to music that they like, feels good. Music stimulates dopamine production in the brain. A study by the University of Barcelona was able to prove this.

There, 27 subjects took dopamine blockers, placebos, and a dopamine precursor at intervals of one week. After ingestion, they play music to them. These included participants’ favorite songs and tracks chosen by the researchers. The subjects were asked to rate the listening experience. How good did they feel listening to the music, would they want to buy the song and if so, what price would they be willing to pay for it?

The conclusion is that when the subjects were under the influence of the dopamine blocker, their happiness when listening to music was reduced. They found the music uncomfortable. Under the influence of the dopamine precursor, the participants felt true high feelings and a pronounced joy in the music and that is more than usual. Thus, a direct connection could be made between the good feeling that music gives and dopamine production.

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Goosebumps listening to music

This phenomenon is not self-evident, because not everyone gets goosebumps from certain songs or melodies. The Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California studied how the brain activity of people who get goosebumps from certain music differs from people who don’t.

It was discovered that people who get goosebumps from certain pieces of music actually have more numerous connections between the auditory cortex and the brain regions responsible for processing emotions.

People who have a high number of these connections can experience more intense emotions with certain music and even experience goosebumps. People with less connected brains don’t get goosebumps listening to music.

Can music have a healing effect?

Researchers are studying the effects of music on human health. Especially how and if music can speed up recovery. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA, and the Massachusetts General Hospital now treat their patients with music and medication at the same time. Researchers advise sick people to listen to their favorite music, which could definitely speed up recovery. And if not, it definitely lifts the spirits and that never hurt.