Quick Solution to Plumber Shortage Issues

Quick Solution to Plumber Shortage Issues

PlumbingNetherlands is one of richest countries in Europe yet households faced with a simple sewer repair (riool reparatie) problem could take longer to find a plumber. Actually, most of the skilled plumbers in the country do not work independently as the majority of are foreign workers employed by sewage and plumbing companies.

Based on a labor market report published in March 2021, one of the country’s staffing companies disclosed that a job advertisement for plumbing apprentices takes an average of 29 days before the posting gets filled. Apparently, the number of people looking to get trained as plumbers in the country does not meet the demand for this type of worker. As a result and up to 2023, the Dutch government is still issuing Work VISA to foreign nationals who find work as plumbers in The Netherlands.
That is the reason why homeowners looking for an independent Dutch plumber encounter difficulty since sewer and plumbing problems are being handled by plumbing companies.

2wter pipeApparently, many are not aware that plumbing companies are now using advanced technology known as Relining or Cured-in-Place-Pipes in repairing major sewer or plumbing problems. Doing so also provided solutions to the complaints of skilled Dutch plumber that they are made to work for long hours. Such long hours have in fact become too taxing, since most of the remaining skilled plumbers of the nation are already members of the ageing population. Moreover, traditional plumbers are unaware that companies plumbing are now using the modern Relining or CIPP approach when addressing sewer renovation and rehabilitation.

The new method no longer requires technicians to wade across floors pf dirty sewer waters in order to locate a clogged or broken pipe/ Lack of skilled plumbers in the country is due to lack of knowledge that modern plumbing techniques now use high tech equipment.

Modern-day Relining technology has made it easier and faster for plumbing companies to carry out major repairs using the Cured-in-Place Pipe method that does not call digging deep into grounds or excavating in order to reach and repair the faulty sewer or plumbing components.

How Relining Works in Repairing Faulty Sewer Pipes

The skilled labor shortage started straining Dutch plumbers required to work for longer hours and in unsanitary conditions. To cope with the shortage of plumber apprentices, plumbing companies began adopting new technology that is not labor and cost intensive.

The sewer repair system known as Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) method provided the answer, The approach introduces a flexible resin inside the broken pipe or portion of the sewer system.

The resin will transform into a pipe on its own after the UV heat initiator completes the treatment of the resin as the replacement pipe.

Plumbers do not have to explore the inside of the underground sewerage and wade through the filthy sewer environment. High-powered inspection cameras with probes are in use to inspect and look for the faulty sewer pipes. Once the broken pipe has been located, the pipes will be thoroughly cleaned by high-pressure washers until they are ready to receive the flexible resin that will cure in place as pipe replacement.