Understanding the YouTube Music

Understanding the YouTube Music


The video service’s $9.99 per month premium version, which was never made available in the UK, is ending, but its core values will continue to be upheld by two successors: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

These are not only intended to challenge the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer by operating as full-fledged, all-you-can-eat music streaming packages, but they will also provide YouTube Red’s benefits (mostly ad-free videos).

Confused? You won’t need to be; simply read our explanation to learn everything there is to know about the latest streaming platforms that you can even use to set up your own channel and buy views on youtube.

1) YouTube Music includes video as well

As might be expected from the largest video site in the world, YouTube Music places a greater emphasis on music videos than its rivals, but it is also built to serve as a clean audio service at the user’s discretion.

2) It might be the best personal DJ ever.

The makers of YouTube Music Premium appear to be most interested in getting new music into your ears, and more precisely, new music that you’ll like.

In addition to offering hundreds of themed playlists, the app’s personalized home screen will suggest music depending on your location or current activities as well as what you’ve already listened to.

3) Both the ad-supported and Premium versions are available.

Similar to Spotify, YouTube Music is free to use if you’re ready to put up with advertisements and a condensed feature set.

Nevertheless, YouTube Music Premium subscribers will benefit from ad-free streaming, offline playback downloads, and background listening (which means you won’t need to have the application open to listen, as you do right now).

4) Google Play Music subscribers can access it for free.

If you already have a Google Play Music account, what does this mean for you? With a ton more capabilities to experiment with and at no additional cost, is the reply.

Yes, current Play Music customers will have free access to YouTube Music Premium. But if the two were united at some point in the near future, we wouldn’t be shocked.