Confessions of Small Women: The Problem When Attending Concerts

Confessions of Small Women: The Problem When Attending Concerts

Not all women are blessed with the best height, and there are lots of women who are even shorter than five feet which can be frustrating in a lot of ways, especially in stand-up concerts. Concerts with seats are not a problem but one could enjoy the best of concerts when one gets the best seats. What Are The Best Seats To Get At A Concert?

Stand-up concerts can pose a lot of dilemmas for small women. Small women at concerts usually have two options: they can stand far back on a ledge – or they can stand in the middle of a fresh sweaty armpit without even seeing the lights on the stage. About a dilemma that can only be solved with imagination.

Going to concerts

When I go to a concert, I have two options. Either I stay pretty far back – where the seats are usually or some kind of elevation – or I get a full load of really fresh armpit sweat without even having seen the lights on stage. When I stand in the crowd, I don’t know afterward whether I’ve been sweating myself or whether my hair is so wet because someone above me was perspiring really hard. I’ve greeted a number of butts too close with my face and over the past twenty years have developed a game, not unlike the original Pong. I react at lightning speed to elbows snapping backward, which I elegantly deflect with the palms of my hands just before they reach my nose. Nice, can hear music.

Almost everyone at concerts is taller than me. And they are always in front of me. If they’re not in front of me, I’ll be in the front and then they’ll press my chest against the barrier from behind so hard that I not only can’t see anything, I can’t hear the music either because I’m either fainting or with the paramedics am. Sometimes I wish I had the power of Eleven from Stranger Things. I would then just shove everyone in front of me aside with a nod of the head and I would have a clear view of the stage. But then the mood would certainly be a bit clouded and I wouldn’t feel like that either. I’m not complaining. Where should the others stand? Someone is always in front of me. Oddly enough, often the one who is over two meters tall, but that doesn’t bother me anymore.

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The little woman needs a lot of imagination at concerts

It’s enough for me to hear the music live. I have a lot of imagination. I must have a lot of imagination. Sometimes, without being asked, people prompt me about the events: “She’s standing on the far right now and waving. No, wait, now she’s tearing off her long skirt, wow! And now she’s going back to the microphone stand.” It’s a bit like having a live audio description with me and unfortunately, that doesn’t make the concert experience any nicer because I can’t concentrate on the music anymore.

Promise me one thing: Next time you go to a concert, use an effective deodorant. Take a look around and see who’s standing next to and behind you. Don’t dance with your elbows like you have the spirit of Ian Curtis in you. Just believe me that concerts can be fun even without a view of the stage if everyone shows a bit of consideration. And rather buy me a beer than try to take me on your shoulders.