The Best Songs According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Songs According To Your Zodiac Sign

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We all know that zodiac signs can say a lot about our personality and our lives. And since music often doesn’t play an insignificant role in it, we’ll tell you which song best suits your zodiac sign.

Which type of man suits your zodiac sign?

Who isn’t looking for the perfect song that simply combines everything that is important to you in life? In these songs you will certainly find a bit of yourself and your attitude to life.


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1. Aquarius: “Life Of The Party” by Shawn Mendes

You are innovative and love your independence. As a true individualist, you don’t care what other people think of you. Above all, do not want to be ordinary.

2. Pisces: “High Hopes” by Kodaline

Those born in the zodiac sign Pisces are prone to daydreams and fantasies, which unfortunately often fail due to the harsh reality. Nevertheless, the fun-loving fish always keep hope, which is why “High Hopes” is the perfect song for them.

3. Aries: “Cinematic Lifestyle” by Hudson Taylor

You are an open and honest person who always looks ahead. Just as sung about in “Cinematic Lifestyle”, you love spontaneity and like to live a bit dangerously.

4. Taurus: “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson

You often want to put your head through the wall, have a lot of energy and love a luxurious lifestyle. You lead a “Lush Life” and enjoy life to the fullest.

5. Gemini: “Torn Apart” by Bastille

As is well known, twins have two faces and love variety. They just want everything at once and love to explore the world. That’s why they often see themselves “Torn Apart” between all the things they would like to do.

6. Cancer: “Lay It All On Me” by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran

The good-natured crabs love their friends and family and are very caring. They like to take care of the problems of others and are usually at their side with help and advice.

7. Leo: “This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry

As someone with the Midheaven in Leo, you love to be the center of attention and go to parties of all kinds – just like in Katy Perry’s song, in which she celebrates the wild nightlife.

8. Virgo: “Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen

You are a strong personality, astute, and want to move up the career ladder. Since you sometimes get obstacles in the way, you can fully identify with the Lily Allen song.

9. Libra: “People Help The People” by Birdy

As a true do-gooder, you love harmony and justice and join in loudly when Birdy calls on people to show more solidarity.

10. Scorpio: “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Often you take a hard line with others and are not afraid of confrontation. That’s why “Bad Blood” suits you so well. If someone really gets on your nerves, you show them where to go, just like Taylor does.

11. Sagittarius: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

You are open and love your freedom. Philosophy and religion inspire you. That’s why “Take me to church” suits you so well! It critically questions religious views on the subject of homosexuality. Perfect for you, as you are not afraid to put social norms to the test.

12. Capricorn: “Turning Tables” by Adele

The Capricorn is solid in every way and a rather realistic person. He is not enthusiastic about daydreams. That’s why he sometimes finds it difficult to get involved with other people. Adele sings to Capricorn from the soul when she says: “I won’t let you close enough to hurt me.”