With or Without Music in the Car?

With or Without Music in the Car?


We have long known that music affects our mood. The influence of music in stores is not new either. Clothing stores and shoe stores play music to help customers relax. In supermarkets, carefully select quiet songs to allow customers to walk slowly down the aisle, giving them more time to walk around. View and buy more products when picking and choosing what to shop for, like cars, luxuries, shoes, etc. To see their parts, see inventory, their functions, and how they look like.

Uptempo variants, on the other hand, give customers faster access to checkouts. The same effect can be seen in cars. Driving behavior depends on the music you are listening to.

Music for Fatigue

Recently, some research has been done on the effects of music on the driving behavior of drivers. First, we found that music had a positive impact. Fun songs are said to relieve the fatigue of long-distance trips, and wheel fatigue can lead to accidents, so listening to music in the car can reduce the number of road accidents.

You can attach it. In reality, things don’t look so rosy. According to recent research, certain music disrupts our concentration and requires a prompt response to accidents and violations.

Your favorite songs

In supermarkets, soft music generally has a positive effect on all customers. This is not the case for cars. The effect of music on driving behavior depends on your musical taste. If your favorite song is on the radio, you’re more likely to lose focus.

After that, you tend to sing along and maybe even move on to music and lose sight of your surroundings. Of course, this can reduce reaction time and increase violations and accidents. Speed ​​limits are also overlooked.


Music genres play an important role

In that music, it is a distraction on the go. It’s a personal factor, as which genre you’re driven into depends on your personal taste. There is also a general factor, which is the volume of the music. Loud music affects driving behavior, regardless of genre.

Noise does not focus you on the road, is less aware of your speed, and is isolated from your surroundings. Noise from rescue teams such as sirens and horn calls no longer penetrates. The possible results should have been clear so far.

Combat emotions

The influence of music in the car is difficult to define due to personal factors, but the background noise is not necessarily a bad thing. It is important to choose music that does not affect your state of mind.

We have already mentioned above that your mood is determined by music and your mood does have a major influence on your driving style.


Moods in Music

Anger, sadness, euphoria, and other extreme feelings drastically reduce your concentration. In the car, it is, therefore, better to listen to music that does not trigger strong emotions or memories. Also adjust the volume, so that you remain aware of your surroundings.

Stop listening to hard hip hop and heavy metal for a while.  Inattentive driving is a plague of the century.